Top Ten Switches to Make For a Plastic Free Life

By: The Cleancult Team

October 10, 2019

Single-use plastic has become the go-to synthetic material for manufacturing and everyday use. So much so that if you need a container, utensil, a bag, a water bottle, toothpaste, soap, chances are that it’s going to be packed or made with plastic! However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Even though plastic can seem like a convenient material, it’s quite the opposite. When heated, worn, or pressurized plastic leaches toxic chemicals that can affect your health. Even worse, plastic takes long years to biodegrade! So, it’s not just hurtful to yourself, but to the environment too! But, how can you start to phase plastic our of your life? Well, today we talk about 10 easy changes you can make to reduce your plastic waste on your path to become completely plastic-free!


1. Bye, plastic bags! The first thing you can do to reduce your plastic waste is to say “ciao” to plastic bags and buy a canvas bag you can use instead. Bring it when you’re grocery shopping (or doing any kind of shopping) and use it to carry your food out! They are cheap, reusable, strong, and convenient. What’s not to love?

2. Bamboo brush, baby! You don’t have to settle for regular plastic toothbrushes that will end up in the trash anyway. There are a couple of options on most grocery stores to switch to. For example, bamboo toothbrushes are sturdy, comfortable, plant-based, and, most importantly, plastic free!


3. No more straws, thanks! Say no to plastic straws! You can get great glass, bamboo, paper, or steel straws in their place! Glass, bamboo, and steel straws are reusable and a great alternative to plastic straws. Just bring it with yourself whenever you go out to eat!

4. Plastic Tupperware? Not anymore. Glass containers are not just better for the environment, they are a better alternative overall to plastic containers. You can put hot food in them, you can store at any temperature, they wash up perfectly, do not have any lingering odors (like plastic containers do), and they are more resistant to microwave heating.


5. Smart groceries! When at the grocery store, opt to buy natural, unpackaged veggies, bread, and select products that come packaged in cardboard rather than plastic. Remember that plastic has a tendency to leak chemicals into food!


6. Another plastic bowl? That’s ruff. Rather than grabbing a plastic bowl for your pet, choose a ceramic or steel one. These options are not just better for your pet, but they will last longer, are easier to clean, and just look better! Trust us, your pet will thank you.

7. Plastic free writing! You do not have to settle for plastic, disposable pens and pencils anymore! Bamboo pencils and pen write amazingly smooth and are a VERY easy switch to make. You will not even notice the difference, but the environment will thank you!

8. Look out! Hemp is in. Is your cell phone wrapped around a plastic case that will take years and years to biodegrade? Change to a hemp case! It just makes sense. :)

9. Glass, glass, baby! Make the switch from plastic bottles to pretty and durable glass bottle! It’s amazing how much single use plastic we buy! Check out cleancult's starter kit bundle


10. Coffee cups. Get a ceramic reusable travel coffee mug and stop generating waste everyday! Take your coffee cup to your favorite coffee shop and ask that they serve your coffee on that mug instead. :)