What Does Blue Laundry Detergent Say About Your Personality?

By: The Cleancult Team

August 15, 2017

You will be surprised to know the color of the laundry detergent that you use, CAN actually represent the type of your personality. Yes, although we love that smile on your face but we aren’t joking! Don’t believe this because we are claiming it to be true but because there has been much research based information on how colors can persuade consumers and reflect their personality!

Well, it is well known that factors like personal tastes, experiences, upbringing and culture determine the choices but most often people don’t know that the choices they make in life do reflect a lot about their personality. One such choice is the choice of the color – even that of the laundry detergent you use!

Let us dig out more on this theory of colors. The color theory has the psychology of preferences and perception. It is the color theory that connects the audience and influences them to buy a certain color product. As much as up to 90% of people’s perception of products or services is based on colors.

Colors seem to have a biological connection with human and are known to stimulate responses. Colors also have an appeal which accounts to people’s preference for particular colors or combinations of colors. Colors can also play a major role in the ways we find for ourselves - food, water and even our soul mate! Can you believe that? Yes, now that we have revealed this secret, next time when you go to propose a girl, do analyze her personality type in advance!!!

Let us have a look at what if your favorite color is ‘Blue’? What does it tell about you? What does the blue laundry detergent tell about your personality? Whoa, ‘Blue’ personifies the elements of nature, like water and sky. So, if you have ‘blue’ as your favorite, we are sure that you have a calm and pleasant personality. You are a great observer and a logical analyst. You are deep in your thoughts and serene in your acts! In all, people around you feel comfortable and don’t get ‘blues’!!! Interesting, isn’t it? We hope you enjoy your chill and very blue laundry. You seen the Cleancult blue laundry;) It’s pretty chill