What Does Green Laundry Detergent Reveal About Your Personality?

By: The Cleancult Team

June 29, 2017

Ever imagined what would life have been without colors? The significance of colors in life is deeper than what we can ever anticipate. Colors stimulate perceptions and feelings, colors trigger memories and emotions, colors alter the mood and can even reflect a lot about our personality. More than anything else, colors have a symbolic representation and can reveal much about the kind of person you are. So, next time when anyone asks about your favorite color, answer carefully!!!

Let us have a look at what all the Laundry detergent Green defines about your personality:

Green symbolizes nature. It is often termed as the color of ‘life’. It is pleasant, arousing and is the easiest color on the eye. It is also known to improve vision. It is calming, relaxing, and refreshing. However, the emotional perception of people varies with the brightness and saturation. Also, the sensitivity is different in different genders.

People who like green are secure, calm, comfortable, peaceful, and youthful. Their strengths lies in the fact that they are dependable, informal, supportive, patient, easy-going , loyal, stubborn, caring, sharing, empathetic, concerned, , good listener while their weakness is that they don’t like change, they are Indecisive and procrastinate, and have trouble meeting deadlines.

When it comes to laundry detergent, the Green brands don’t look good. They often are tough to find and don’t even clean well. Thus, there comes Cleancult. Our mission is to ‘To Fix Green Brands’.

Cleancult provides effective cleaners (our first product is laundry pods) that are stronger than green brands and have the highest quality of ingredients on the market. We aim to fix the green cleaning industry and want to redefine how people see green cleaning so that, next time when you decide to Go Green, you don’t just go green but feel clean too.

Rejoice in your homes, apartments, and dorm rooms with the power of a green laundry, oops, clean laundry!!!