What Does Wearing White Clothing Reveal About Your Personality

By: The Cleancult Team

August 09, 2017

Almost everyone has a favorite color. If you aren’t sure about having any color as ‘favorite’, you would probably have a preference and would be naturally drawn to a specific color than others. This preference to a particular color or colors can be understood through all what a color reveals about our personality or behavioral traits. Colours are rich with symbolism which is well reflected in the choices we make. If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite color says about you, you might find it interesting to understand the color psychology.

Colors can be subjected to cultural bias too. While black is the predominant color in the funerals in the West, it is white that holds predominance at funerals in the East. There are some fun facts as well. According to research at Oxford University, desserts served on white plates are perceived to taste sweeter than those served on black plates! Well, whatever the truth holds, if ‘white’ is your favorite color, here is your personality type.

A preference for ‘white’ color shows innocence. White reflects all other colors. It embraces innocence, peace, virginity, solemn, hope, purity, kindness, consideration, patience, simplicity spirituality, soothing, simplicity and Idealism. Imagine having everything white, right from university white sheets to dinner plates to bath towels, everything white look so serene. How about having a white laundry detergent?

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