What Essential Oils are Good for Anxiety?

By: The Cleancult Team

April 05, 2019

Essential oils are great sources of natural scents! However, some of them even have medicinal properties and people swear they even change their moods! For example,if you experience anxiety sometime during the day, there are several essential oils that could help you overcome this overwhelming feeling. Whether you experience anxiety on a daily basis or just occasionally, these all natural essential oils can maybe help you feel more at peace. They not only smell incredible but these plant-based aromas can actually have a positive effect too when you add a few drops to your bath water, or just spray some onto your pillow or apply them topically onto your skin.

1. Lavender Oil Lavender is THE most popular of all essential oils. It’s even used in soaps and detergents ;) This awesome scent can help ease anxiety and stress. Also, several studies have shown that it can actually be hugely beneficial to people who are sleep deprived! (So if you need a good night’s sleep, maybe think about mixing a few drops in water and spraying it on your pillow!)

2. Frankincense Oil Frankincense, a rich, waxy substance obtained from a tree, has a rich, warm aroma. This essential oil has been proven to relieve both chronic stress and anxiety and can even reduce pain and inflammation and boost immunity! Frankincense can also lift your mood, boost the oxygen supply to your brain and stimulate the limbic system, helping to bring your emotions back into check. Same as with lavender oil, you can add it to your bath water, spray on your pillow or even use an oil difusser to get that awesome scent!

3. Chamomile Oil Feeling anxious or having a headache? Try massaging diluted chamomile oil onto your skin or spraying it around your apartment! Chamomile has a herby aroma and is sometimes even used to treat skin conditions, like eczema!

4. Rose Oil Inhaling rose oil promotes calmness and reduces any tension that you may be feeling. This plant-based scent is pleasurable, and calming, and awesome.


5. Jasmine Oil Jasmine is a very perfume-y, beautiful flower. The essential oil that is obtained from this plant has been used to reduce anxiety symptoms. Like with Frankincense, Jasmine oil has been shown to stimulate your brain so as to improve your mood and energy levels. In addition, it can calm your nervous system!

So next time you are feeling a bit anxious, uneasy, stressed or just need a touch of great scent around your house, think of these 5, plant-based essential oils! You can add about 20 drops to one bottle of water and spray around your room, bed, pillow, living room or any place in your house. The gentle, but pleasing scents will lift your spirits and calm you down. :)