Why Natural Laundry Powder?

After going to the grocery store and seeing all the variety of liquid and Laundry Pacs Product Page, have you ever found yourself asking ‘what is a natural laundry powder and what would be the opposite of that?’ Our Ingredients Page How effective is a natural laundry powder detergent? Is there a real difference between powder and liquid detergent? Well, today we talk about bio-based versus non-bio laundry detergent, specifically laundry powder detergent. This will help you decide which type of detergent would be most beneficial for yourself, your family, the environment, and, of course, your wallet! Take a look!

First, let’s separate the “what it is” from the “what it isn’t.” 6 Dirty Laundry Detergent Facts That Will Make You Go Green contain certain minerals and natural ingredients that help break down the various compounds that make up the most common stains, like ketchup, sauces, grease, grass, and dirt. These ingredients work by getting into the microscopic spaces between the fabrics and the stain and separating them. They are excellent stain removers and a great addition to laundry detergents, turning stain removal into a quick and easy task. All natural laundry pods, natural laundry powder, and natural liquid laundry detergent work the same way.

Laundry detergents that are not specifically labeled as natural contain chemically engineered surfactants and other chemicals. These chemicals work wonders when cleaning clothes, but can be (and most of the time indeed are) irritating to the skin, harmful to our health, and a threat to the environment. Some of the ingredients in regular detergent have even been found to be carcinogens! Yikes! Likewise, these dangerous chemicals appear in all shapes of mainstream laundry detergent: liquid, powder, or pods.

So, while some natural laundry powder detergents are just as effective as regular laundry detergents, natural detergents are safer alternatives for people with sensitive skins, young children, pets, and the elderly.

Many people still wonder what is the real difference between washing clothes with liquid detergent or washing them with powder detergent. In most households Laundry Mistakes And Mishaps involves sorting, pre-treating, washing, drying, folding, and putting away the clean laundry. In addition to all of this you have to ask yourself “which detergent is best?”

Well, we think it’s important to point out that, contrary to popular belief, there are no results which point to liquid detergent being more effective against food or grease stains. In fact, liquid and powder detergents (and natural powder detergents) all have similar effectiveness against most types of stains. They all use the same type of chemistry and compositions to lift stains and clean clothes. Even if you decide to use gentle laundry detergent or detergent pods, your clothes will still come out clean. However, since liquid laundry detergents are diluted in water and are not premeasured or easily measured, you’ll likely end up using more detergent than is actually needed to clean your dirty laundry. This wasting of detergent, throughout time, will definitely make a difference in your wallet.

Also, liquid laundry detergents have been proved to be damaging to both soils and bodies of water while natural powder detergents are actually safer for the environment! That’s a win in our book!

If you’re still unsure or untrusting of the detergents available to you on your grocery store, why don’t you start by making your own homemade powder detergent? It’s a great safe alternative to regular, mainstream detergents!

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