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By: Cleancult Team

Want some quick tips for how to clean every room in your house? You’re in the right place! This quick cleaning guide serves up top tricks and product picks to deliver a whole-home clean that’s effective and eco-friendly.

Ugh. No one likes cleaning the bathroom but everyone likes a clean bathroom.

Cleancult’s All-Purpose Cleaner makes this dirty work a lot easier. This versatile formula tackles your shower, sink, toilet, tub, glass, and walls. The result: a deep, responsible clean in your choice of a subtle scent. Simply spray it on surfaces, wait five minutes, and wipe with a soft cloth.

Looking to refresh yourself, too? Reach for Cleancult’s Bar Soap. This little bar packs a powerful punch, delivering a sudsy and satisfying clean to your hands, body, and face. Plus it’s safe for sensitive skin, so it’s for every body, literally.

Or try Cleancult’s Liquid Hand Soap. Not only does it clean, but it’s also packed with nourishing Vitamin E and restores moisture to your hands.

Any mess you make is no match for Cleancult’s suite of kitchen cleaning products.

Cleancult’s Liquid Dish Soap cuts through grease and grime on your dishes, but leaves your hands soft and smooth.

Cleancult’s Dishwasher Tablets deliver a complete clean in every cycle, powering away stuck-on food without the toxic chemicals and plastic waste.

And Cleancult’s All-Purpose Cleaner is the perfect answer to dirty counters, surfaces, and everything in between.

So go ahead. Cook up a storm, invite over your messiest eaters, have that epic food fight. With these products at your side, your kitchen will return to spotless in no time.

We’re not in the business of giving bedroom tips… but we can definitely provide bedroom cleaning tips. Just ½ oz of Cleancult’s biodegradable Liquid Laundry Detergent leaves your sheets and pillowcases light, rejuvenated, and fragrance-free.

This formula pairs perfectly with Cleancult’s Dryer Balls, which naturally soften your clothes with 100% New Zealand wool and last up to 1,000 cycles.

That’s loads of laundry, but when it makes your bed feel this good, it doesn't feel like a chore anymore.

Here are a few extra hacks to get the most out of your cleaning experience:

  • Clean the hardest room first. The one you dread the most. The one that makes you want to pull your hair out. Once it’s done, you’ll feel like a cleaning queen, and ready to take on smaller, easier messes.
  • Clean items from top to bottom, so dirt and dust fall down towards the unclean areas. Who knew gravity could help you clean?
  • When cleaning multiple bathrooms, remember that formulas should sit for 5-10 minutes in order to really work their magic. Go through each bathroom and spray the areas you want to clean. By the time you return to the first bathroom, it’ll be ready to be wiped down.
  • It’s easier to clean every couple of weeks than to wait several months and do a deep clean. Deep cleans take longer, plus they always make people grumpier.
  • Live with someone else? Make cleaning a team sport and ask them to help out. Or fake a mysterious back injury and ask them to do all the cleaning. Both ideas are good.
  • Cleaning your house is the best time to blast your best bad music.
  • When in doubt, reach for Cleancult’s All-Purpose Cleaner. This coconut-powered formula eliminates dust, dirt, germs, and grime on your counters, walls, high chairs, high-touch surfaces, toys, electronics, and more. And it does all that without any of the toxic chemicals or harsh odors that can make your house feel (and smell) less like home.

Enjoy an easier, more eco-friendly clean routine today.

Happy Cleaning, friends!