Your Summer Bucket List is Here

By: The Cleancult Team

June 01, 2022

SUSTAINABILITY CAN BE FUN! Make the most of this season with our Sustainable Summer Bucket List.

In the countryside, on the beach, in the mountains or in the city we have many options to spend a few days off being responsible with the environment:

1. Visit Your Farmers’ Market. Support your community, promote sustainability, and eat something fresh. By buying local produce, you’re creating a smaller footprint (and a yummier meal).

2. Volunteer. Community clean-up programs are everywhere. Join your neighborhood’s efforts to clean things up!

3. Plastic-Free Picnic. Chill out at the park with good friends, cool drinks, and reusable containers and plates.

4. Start Composting. Food waste and scraps can be transformed into fertilizer for soil and plants. Grab a composting bin and get going!

5. Begin A Clean Cleaning Routine. Eco-friendly cleaning products pack just as much power as traditional ones, but without the harsh chemicals or plastic waste. Click here to start your new clean cleaning routine!