Eczema And Using Laundry Detergent

Some people can be allergic to laundry detergent ingredients that contain enzymes, bleach, perfumes, surfactants, etc. Scented laundry detergents are often cited as possible irritants for people with eczema Thus, such detergents act as a trigger for people with eczema using laundry because of their alkaline nature and negative pH balance. This can further irritate already inflamed or open skin. It is also seen that over a period of time, detergents build-up in your clothing which rub through the skin and cause further irritation.

Safe Alternative to Laundry Detergents to wash Eczema Laundry:

Well, in order to safeguard your skin against toxic ingredients and substances of the regular laundry detergents available in the market, Cleancult has come up with the effective and non-toxic laundry pods that won’t irritate your skin. The laundry pods contain the best of the ingredients to give you clean clothes. After all, why should you compromise over any of them?

Free your clothes from harmful chemicals. Welcome to the Cleancult to feel clean and not chemicals.  We use the highest quality ingredients and deliver directly to customers with our subscription model.  Our process is safe and effective. Use one Cleancult pod for one load of laundry and see the magic! Cleancult is highly efficiency certified and is safe for all washers. Thus, whether you have front load, top load or side loader machine, you need not worry. Our laundry pods work wonder for the temperature levels. Our water soluble pod completely dissolves in all water temperatures leaving behind truly clean clothes. This makes Cleancult laundry pods the perfect and safe alternative to laundry detergents to wash eczema laundry.

Healthy Laundry Habits That Can Help You Manage Eczema

Apart from having a highly efficient, non-toxic and chemical-free solution that is gentle enough not to irritate your skin, some healthy washing habits can also provide you clean, soft and comfortable clothes.

Here are some healthy laundry habits that can help you manage eczema:

- Always wash new clothes before wearing

People with sensitive skin or eczema can develop irritation in their skin due to the dyes and fabric finish of new clothes.

- Don't over-use the detergent 

Use only the amount of detergent suggested on the label of the garment. More detergent doesn’t always mean more cleaning.

- Avoid overloading the machine

Overloading the machine doesn’t let the laundry detergent properly dissolve in the water. Loading your washer with just the right amount of clothes.

- Rinse the Clothes Properly

Rinsing the clothes is very important to ensure that the detergent is rinsed away from your clothes which can otherwise cause irritation to the skin.

- Don’t use Starch on your clothes

Because friction on the skin can make eczema flare, it’s always a good idea to wear soft clothes (such as cotton, not wool) and avoid using spray starch that will make your clothes stiff.

    Get the feel of fabrics and cleanliness with the non-toxic laundry pods from Cleancult, a potential benefit for individuals with sensitive or dry skin or the people with eczema. Our laundry pods are gentle on your skin but tough on your stains – they are the staple in my laundry room, what about yours? Let your clothes breathe too!

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