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Cleaning Plan

Welcome to the cleaning model that’s removing plastic from our homes, our landfills, and our planet.


Landfill-Free Refills

Skip heavy in-store plastic packaging for pro-planet, straight-to-you refills.

Cult Member Pricing

Score special pricing that makes all of your cleanest cleaning dreams come true.

Always Free Shipping

Forget hidden shipping costs and count on clean, whenever you need it.

So how does this work?


Build your starter kit

cleancult Starter Kit


If you don’t try, you’ll never know. Check out our cleaners with a one-month starter kit, no strings attached.


Schedule your cleaner refills

cleancult Starter Kit


Once you try, you won’t need convincing. You’ll just need specially priced refills, shipped free whenever you need more clean.

How do refills work?

Tablet Refills

Plastic Free

The same tablets, now answering the call for clean with 100% plastic-free refills. Get a paper mailer packed with 18 tablets delivered right to your door.

How Does it Work

Once your mailer arrives, simply tear and transfer to replenish your tablet supply and pour into your first pouch you received in the starter kit.

Average Family

44.6 lbs


2 lbs

Plastic Waste

Waste Per Family (3-people)

Plastic Free Cleaning

By refilling our cleaning products with paper mailers and cartons, we’re able to reduce plastic waste to almost 0. Our mission at cleancult is to clean it up: our home, our clothes, and the world.

Liquid Refills

Recyclable Cartons

The same soap you love, now getting shipped in cartons, not bottles. These cartons helps us reduce over 80% of the plastic waste with conventional packaging.

How Does it Work

On your schedule, get our carton refills filled with 16oz of your chosen soap. Once they arrive, simply open the carton and pour into the first bottles you received in the starter kit.

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