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Why Subscription

We thought alot about our business model. The problem we found, green products from larger companies weren't using high quality and transparent ingredients. The main reason, COSTS! In a typical supply chain and company, you have to go through the raw material company, the manufacturer, the distributor, and THEN the retailer to get to customers. Each part of this chain takes more money in the overall product, especially the retailer. So, that's why we chose to it differently and turn the green product supply chain ON ITS HEAD.

We deliver directly to customers with our subscription model. No retailers or distributors are involved. This is one of the reasons we've been able to have such an effective product! We use the highest quality ingredients and don't have all the middle men telling us otherwise. 

So, enjoy our direct to consumer model and some of the highest quality and most transparent ingredients on the market. Plus, you never have to worry about going to the store and buying your detergent! 
Welcome to the Cleancult! We hope you get a chance to feel clean, and not chemicals.