Natural Bar Soap

You've got the whole world - plus a whole lot of cleaning power - in your hands.

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  • • A medley of 100% organic ingredients comes together for a silky smooth, gentle, and satisfying clean you'll want to get your hands on time and time again
  • • Less wasteful, more consciously cool recyclable packaging


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Down-to-earth ingredients

Saponified Coconut Oil
  • • The wow factor, natural cleaning power that takes our solutions to the next level
  • • Saponified coconut oil is a fancy term for coconut oil that has been treated with natural minerals, transforming it into a soap that can take on stains and grease alongside the best of 'em
  • • A holding agent that keeps tablets together until they're ready to unleash their cleaning powers
  • • Comes from plant-based oils
Sodium Gluconate
  • • A mineral-based ingredient that helps to get rid of tough stains, gunk, and dirt
  • • Helps to leave all your dishes and glasses clean and spotless
Distilled Water
  • • Kind of a big deal, the essence of life
Lemongrass Oil
  • • Essential oil obtained from lemongrass! It's the power behind our fragrance
Sodium Chloride
  • • Table salt! Everyone's favorite mineral, here to fight oil, grease, and other stains
  • • The same all natural salty salt you sprinkle so generously on fries

Gentle on you, tough on whatever else

Our soap suds up with a powerful formula that nourishes and repairs inflamed skin, leaving your hands soft and smooth. A gentle and pleasant lemongrass scent lingers, it smells a little like sunshine...

Sensitive skin, have no fear

Babies and grandparents agree: everybody deserves clean. That's why we created a bar soap that's nourishing, moisturizing, and suitable for even the most sensitive members of the family.

Leaves drying to hand towels

While other formulas strip moisture away, ours soothes and nourishes the skin, restoring moisture and leaving you to dry just the way you want - with help from hand towels or air dryers.

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