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Cleancult Box

$ 12.99

Cleancult Box
Cleancult Box Cleancult Box Cleancult Box Cleancult Box Cleancult Box Cleancult Box Cleancult Box

$ 12.99 Per Box

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Free Shipping. Free Returns. Free Your Skin. Cleancult™ delivers the most effective non toxic laundry pods directly to your door.

Cleancult™ combines stain removal, fabric softener, and detergent power for a gentle and effective non- toxic clean. It delivers a damn good clean with damn good ingredients and will have your skin saying "THANK YOU". 

  • Excellent Cleaning Properties - get the stains out and protects the colors!
  • No Animal Testing
  • Free of Chlorines, Optical Brighteners, Dyes, and Phosphates
  • Safe for Septic Systems
  • Easy to Carry
  • Works in All Temperatures
  • Made of Naturally Derived Ingredients

"You have a lot of things going on in your life. Laundry shouldn't be on of them."

To Use:

  1. Toss a pod of Cleancult in with your smelly, dirty clothes.
  2. Wash in any temperature water in a Standard/HE Machine.
  3. Do a celebration dance as you enjoy super clean clothing, free of harmful chemicals! 

    Approved for use in Standard and HE Machines

    FREE Shipping!!

    Made in the USA

    Welcome to the Cleancult.

    Please keep all cleaning products out of the reach of children. IF SWALLOWED: Drink plenty of water and consult a physician. EYE CONTACT: If this product comes in contact with eyes, flush out with water.

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