Wool Dryer Balls

One small leap for laundry. One giant leap for static haters.

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  • • 100% New Zealand wool that effectively shortens drying times, softens clothes, and stops static cling in its tracks
  • • Lasts for 1000 dry cycles
  • • Less wasteful, more consciously cool recyclable packaging


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Down-to-earth ingredients

100% New Zealand Wool
  • • Natural, ethically-sourced wool imported straight from New Zealand, which many believe to be the best source of wool around
  • • Always assembled and wound by hand, then sun-dried - never chemically rushed to production

Wash without worry

Our dryer balls don't have a Kiwi accent, but they are made with 100% New Zealand wool that's gentle on your skin while shortening drying times, minimizing wrinkles, and keeping clothes soft. Go ahead and use them with no worries, mate.

Love on your laundry

When you use our 100% natural laundry balls, you can rest assured there's no creepy chemicals lingering on your clothes - or harmful ingredients hurting the environment. If you thought you couldn't win at laundry, think again.

Forget about static cling

Dryer balls need not come in and out with every load. In fact, you can put ours in and forget about them - and static cling - for up to 1,000 dry cycles.

High impact, at home and abroad

Our dryer balls aren't produced in your average factory. Instead, they're carefully needle felted by a team of hardworking women from the rural community of Nepal. Creating fair-paying jobs for underprivileged women brings us great joy, and them greater possibility.

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