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All Purpose Cleaner Reviews

James L. Verified Reviewer

So pleased!

Finally! A cleaner that smells good, works, and isn't destroying the planet!

Leanne H. Verified Reviewer

All purpose cleaner

Great smell! Cleans well! My favorite clean cult item so far!

Sandra B. Verified Reviewer


smells good, leaves surfaces shiny , seems to cut grease well.

LeeAnn M. Verified Reviewer

Cleans well and smells great!

I usually use Windex which doesn’t smell great. And Meyers Clean Day’s scent is way too strong. I love the fresh citrus scent. This cuts the grease on surfaces (though I haven’t used it yet on really stubborn areal like the hood fan) really well. It’s not streak-free, but I go over my stove surface with a dry towel to ...

Christian R. Verified Reviewer

Cleans great and smells awesome.

I recently bought this and have been using it almost exclusively to clean the bathroom. Tub, soap scum, tiles, etc. I usually combine the all-purpose cleaner with a Mr.Clean sponge which, I guess, defeats the purpose of using natural detergent, but it works wonders. Love the scent of this product.

Lisa S. Verified Reviewer

New floor cleaner!

This is officially my new floor cleaner! Strong and still kind to to earth, people, & pets! Smells great, too!

Ava B. Verified Reviewer

This thing smells pretty great!

We're a family of six, two pairs of twins and my wife and I. One of our eldest decided that we should switch all our cleaners for 'green cleaners.' We kind of rolled our eyes a bit, but went with it anyways. I bought different products from several brands (Mrs Meyers, Grab Green, Seventh Generation) but the product we liked ...

Pamela H. Verified Reviewer

Squeaky clean

A little bit goes a long way. Can use it around my parrot too because the ingredients are safe.

Donna R. Verified Reviewer

Love, Love, Love

Love this and knowing it is made from all good stuff I'm not afraid to breath it in!!!

Alex V. Verified Reviewer

Great all-purpose cleaner!

I have used this cleaner on my granite counters and tile floors with good results. It smells great!

Tony T. Verified Reviewer

Smells clean and effective.

A quick spray and wipe cleans smooth surfaces.

Henry P. Verified Reviewer

The best green cleaner I have tried yet.

I am trying to switch to natural products and have already bought many green cleaners. I liked this one the most because it takes care of greasy messes, stains and dirt and it smells great! Definitely recommend if you're choosing a healthier lifestyle. Well worth the money.

Elijah S. Verified Reviewer

Bye-bye bleach! In love with this new cleaner!

I usually use bleach cleaners for my apartment, floors, kitchen, bathroom, etc. However I started to develop an asthma related to these bleach cleaners (eek). My friend recommended that I look into Cleancult, since she buys her detergent from them and saw that they came out with a couple other cleaners. I ordered a bottle of the all purpose cleaner ...

Mark S. Verified Reviewer

Color me surprised! I love this!

I actually bought this product as a kind of joke to my mom. A couple of weeks ago we were watching a Hulu show about a cult and long story short I wanted to buy something with the word 'cult' in it. I bought this all purpose cleaner and it is actually awesome! A read a little more and found ...

Joe A. Verified Reviewer

Works well

Cleans well.

Michelle R. Verified Reviewer

Cleans everything!

I’ve used this in the kitchen, bathroom, and on wood furniture. It cleans and cuts food grease well, and leaves my stovetop sparkling. And as an added bonus, it smells great!

Juliet B. Verified Reviewer

Works great!


Ms. F. Verified Reviewer

Great Fresh Scent

So far, it cleans as well as any other similar products I have used and it smells very good, which is always a criterion for me to choose a cleaning product. So, if on top of that it is better for the environment, then it's good!

Christine B. Verified Reviewer

Cleans and shines everything, everywhere

I didn't think it was possible to get this clean without chemicals, but I am a believer now. It feels so good to transition from my old cleaning products to completely natural, plant-based cleaners that do the job better.

Bonita R. Verified Reviewer

All Purpose Cleaner

It really is & really does. Thank-you Clean Cult

Diantha K. Verified Reviewer

So far, so good!

So far everything that I have used this on has turned out great! I like that it cleans well with no heavy fumes. My husband is asthmatic so that is very important to us. Great job!

Mary E. Verified Reviewer

All purpose cleaner

Love it. Use it on everything

Jenna D. Verified Reviewer

First natural cleaner that I buy more than once!

I work as a housekeeper and am always on the lookout for products that I know my clients will love and that will make my job easier. With this one I can clean everything (floors, tables, surfaces, bathroom) and my clients are very happy with the whole 'natural, non-toxic' business. I'm thinking of buying in bulk, too bad there's not ...

Terri B. Verified Reviewer

Love this stuff!

I have messy boys. This spray does a great job cleaning the counters.

Peter R. Verified Reviewer

Very happy with this buy and brand

My daughter recently adopted a puppy, so we're looking into detergents that are not harmful to him. I came upon the Cleancult line of products and we absolutely love them. This all purpose cleaner works great! I have used it on wood, plastic and steel surfaces and everything is looking great. It doesn't appear to harm the new puppy, which ...

Sarah R. Verified Reviewer

Spells amazing and works great!

I love the smell. It works great and I would be ok using this forever.

Starla g. Verified Reviewer


Works wonderfully and smells amazing

Grumman B. Verified Reviewer

We love this cleaner!!

First of all, the scent - it really has a fresh scent! Second, it doesn't leave a streak on our conference table.

Ben Z. Verified Reviewer

Simply. The. Best!

We can no longer ignore or pretend that using cleaning products full of chemicals is healthy for our bodies! FINALLY we have a company offering CLEAN & NATURAL cleaning products I can feel safe using around my apartment, in my laundry, on dishware etc! It's about time and couldn't be more pleased with the product and service offering. #customer4life Thank ...

Michelle B. Verified Reviewer


This works great and smells good, too!

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