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All Purpose Cleaner Reviews

Juliet B. Verified Reviewer

Works great!


Abby F. Verified Reviewer

Great for cleaning kitchens, countertops and tables!

I got this a few weeks ago and have used it to clean my kitchen table, floors and glass. It works great on all of those! I can't say about steel because we don't have steel furniture at home, but it works great for us.

Joe A. Verified Reviewer

Works well

Cleans well.

Stephanie F. Verified Reviewer

All purpose cleaner

My new favorite!

Carol N. Verified Reviewer


I have three pugs and although I love all three of them, they can be a bit of a mess. I find that this cleaner is great when dealing with droop (and other doggy-messes lol). Since my pugs are very sensitive to smells and detergents, I was looking for a gentle and natural alternative that gets the job done. This ...

Ava B. Verified Reviewer

This thing smells pretty great!

We're a family of six, two pairs of twins and my wife and I. One of our eldest decided that we should switch all our cleaners for 'green cleaners.' We kind of rolled our eyes a bit, but went with it anyways. I bought different products from several brands (Mrs Meyers, Grab Green, Seventh Generation) but the product we liked ...

Virginia B. Verified Reviewer


Love this! Cleans wonderfully!

Ellie A. Verified Reviewer

Cleans everything in my house! Works for indoors and outdoors!

Loving this detergent! My husband and I have our house chores divided, so I'm in charge of keeping the bathroom and the front deck clean this month. I bought this one because some reviews said that it worked really well for bathrooms. It really does! A huughe plus is that I can actually use it to clean the deck, too! ...

Rachel B. Verified Reviewer

Liquid gold!

Works great, from counters to mirrors to hairballs 🐱

Charlotte G. Verified Reviewer

I love this fragrance!

The thing I love most about this is the scent that it leaves as it cleans. Very, very pleasing and gentle. It also cleans everything just as well as the Lysol we used to buy. I am kind of a neat freak, so I have already gone through half of the bottle, but I'm sure that it lasts a lot ...

Nancy H. Verified Reviewer

Great Cleaner

I really like the cleaner. I’ve used it on floors, sink, toilet and mirrors and it works great.

Noah G. Verified Reviewer

Leaves my bathroom spotless and smelling awesome!

Great buy! I already have a kitchen cleaner, but I was looking to change up my bathroom cleaner since it's not really getting the job done. I like this one a lot. I can clean the tub, tiles, mirrors, floors, counters, sink and walls with this. Everything is spotless, it gets rid of the water stains on mirrors and soap ...

Ms. F. Verified Reviewer

Great Fresh Scent

So far, it cleans as well as any other similar products I have used and it smells very good, which is always a criterion for me to choose a cleaning product. So, if on top of that it is better for the environment, then it's good!

Diane C. Verified Reviewer

Really love this stuff!!

Excellent cleaning power

Will G. Verified Reviewer

Sent is good

We love to have this on hand for quick clean ups. and the sent is good and not hospital like.

Athena S. Verified Reviewer

Had to take a minute to review this wonderful product!

I don't usually take the time to review buys, but for this I have to make an exception. We have a special needs young child that has very sensitive skin and we usually make a mess playing with him and our other child (lol). We were looking for a product that can clean everything but is still gentle to our ...

Robin R. Verified Reviewer

really does a good job

I sprayed down my cabinets, counter tops and glass top stove with it, and polished the chrome refrigerator and oven. It works really well, shiny, clean, no film

Lisa B. Verified Reviewer

Smells great

I like how this cleans my counters. I haven't used it for anything tough then counters.

Jay D. Verified Reviewer

Love cleancult!

We love cleancult products around our house! They work great, are environmentally friendly and smell amazing. Couldn't recommend more!

Michelle R. Verified Reviewer

Cleans everything!

I’ve used this in the kitchen, bathroom, and on wood furniture. It cleans and cuts food grease well, and leaves my stovetop sparkling. And as an added bonus, it smells great!

Mary B. Verified Reviewer

Gentle detergent that works!

The last cleaner I bought was suuuper concentrated and very hard to wipe off of everything, even after being heavily diluted in water. I decided to try another brand and saw these guys. Very cool product! Cleans just as well as my last detergent, but has a more gentle smell and feel.

Tony T. Verified Reviewer

Smells clean and effective.

A quick spray and wipe cleans smooth surfaces.

Cole L. Verified Reviewer

Smells amazing

Also works incredibly well! Highly recommend!

Doreen E. Verified Reviewer


smells great and cleans well.

Pamela H. Verified Reviewer

Squeaky clean

A little bit goes a long way. Can use it around my parrot too because the ingredients are safe.

Katie P. Verified Reviewer

I’m hooked

I love this orange cleaner. I’m using it way more than I ever did with my other cleaners mainly because it smells so good and does a great job cutting grease. I literally just mopped all my floors with it! I will have to double up on my next subscription. Good work Cleancult.

Diantha K. Verified Reviewer

So far, so good!

So far everything that I have used this on has turned out great! I like that it cleans well with no heavy fumes. My husband is asthmatic so that is very important to us. Great job!

Hector O. Verified Reviewer

Excellent brand and cleaners!

This is the best cleaner I have used! I have a pair of 3 year old twins that have very sensitive skin and am always looking out for ways to protect them. I moved to natural laundry detergent a while back and was looking to switch the other household cleaners. Very glad I bought cleancult. Awesome brand, informative and transparent.

Maggie m. Verified Reviewer

Gets up sticky messes

Smells so much better than any other chemical cleaner

Christine B. Verified Reviewer

Cleans and shines everything, everywhere

I didn't think it was possible to get this clean without chemicals, but I am a believer now. It feels so good to transition from my old cleaning products to completely natural, plant-based cleaners that do the job better.

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