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All Purpose Cleaner Refill Reviews

Jane S. Verified Reviewer

Works well, smells good

I like the all-purpose cleaner a lot. It works well for basic smudges, cleaning the kitchen counter, etc. Love the spicy smell.

Arlene A. Verified Reviewer

Cleans and smells fresh

It cleans well and smells citrusy. It does not harm my hands like other detergents do.

Tami F. Verified Reviewer


Nice orange scent. Leaves a nice oil film in the sinks that repel water. Works well

Samantha D. Verified Reviewer

Looove the smell

Great cleaner and great smell. Definitely continuing this one

Connie M. Verified Reviewer

Love it!

I'm totally sold on this cleaner!

Jen P. Verified Reviewer

My fave

I LOVE this cleaner. My absolute fave of the bunch! Smells nice and does an amazing job on my counters!

Kristen M. Verified Reviewer

I really like it so far.

It seems to be a solid multi surface cleaner. We really like it so far.

Jeannine H. Verified Reviewer

Great Cleaner

This one is a 5 star product. Works as well as or better than ammonia on grease.

Monique A. Verified Reviewer

I like this

I really like this stuff! It smells really good and seems to work well.

Tanya B. Verified Reviewer

Cleans Well

This cleans well and rinses clean. I love the smell, also.

Carol T. Verified Reviewer

Multi purpose cleaner

I like this product. It works well and the citrusy scent is nice. I love the packaging of all the products. I like being able eliminated some of my plastic waste. That is why I tried your products.

Barbara D. Verified Reviewer

Super cleaner

Love the All Purpose Cleanser! Is able to tackle tough, sticky jobs (like spilled - dried - syrup) without an over powering chemical smell.

Angela C. Verified Reviewer


It cleans well and has a pleasant scent.

Jill H. Verified Reviewer

It’s orange...

A definite cousin of orange solvent that I used in years of dental practice. It works well and is a surprisingly wonderful replacement for my stainless steel polish. It actually does prevent fingerprints on my fridge!

Judith K. Verified Reviewer

Peace of Mind

I love this mighty cleaner and I use it on every surface in my house. Smells good, works good, what more to say?

Bethany G. Verified Reviewer

Clean smells SO Good!

I now have a pleasant association with cleaning because this multi-surface cleaner smells so good, I look forward to using it! And it makes my counters, sinks, window sills, etc, super shiny and effortlessly clean.

Kristina K. Verified Reviewer

great all-around cleaner

I love this non-toxic formula for general cleaning around the house. Love the scent, especially knowing it's natural.

Susan A. Verified Reviewer

Multisurface Cleaner

This is a fantastic cleaner! Get's all that yucky stuff off the stove.

Nancy L. Verified Reviewer

Works great

Smells nice and leaves a clean surface.

Natasha H. Verified Reviewer

Best cleaner EVER!

I love how well the household cleaner works. I used my old cleaner on my kitchen table and immediately followed it with cleancult cleaner. I got all the dirt my old cleaner left behind. It tackles dirt, grease, food, anything! Will continue to use!!

April S. Verified Reviewer


5 stars

Glory J. Verified Reviewer

Clean as a whistle

I liked this product for general cleaning purposes. Again, the packaging is just what I look for being environmentally sensitive yet practical.

Hugh C. Verified Reviewer

This cleaner is no joke.

Not only does it quickly cut through greasy and sticky counters, but it smells amazing. My wife is also critical of the smell of new cleaners and she LOVES the smell of this. Big win.

Cynthia C. Verified Reviewer


Even cleans dog spots while leaving my carpet clean, not harmed, faded or discolored. Love the scent.

Nadia S. Verified Reviewer

Works well

Works well

Cathy-Jo H. Verified Reviewer

Excellent cleaner

I found the all purpose cleaner every bit as effective as the grocery store brands containing environmentally insensitive ingredients. I am completely satisfied with this product.

Ashleigh L. Verified Reviewer

Feel good knowing it is "clean"

Feel good knowing I'm not cleaning with toxic products!

Megan B. Verified Reviewer

Works great

I've been loving the multi surface cleaner and all of my cleancult products. I came for zero waste, but am staying for the product quality! Please make toilet bowl cleaner and glass cleaner next! :)

Karissa R. Verified Reviewer


The surface cleaner solution works well. The bottle has a nice spray nozzle.

Nancy H. Verified Reviewer

Works Well

I love the smell of this cleaner and so far it has done a good job on bathroom surfaces.

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