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Natural Bar Soap Reviews

Francine K. Verified Reviewer

Great bar and smell!

The smell was definitely a happy surprise. Did not expect it to smell this good. Smells really nice and pleasant, almost like lemon and ginger!

Greg T. Verified Reviewer

Well worth the money!

From the packing down to the bar itself, I really like this soap. I've been using it for just a few days but it hasn't dried my skin and it smells amazing. It's a little expensive but you definitely get what you pay for. Very high quality product!

Franky K. Verified Reviewer

Smells great and moisturizes really well!

These bars last a really long time. We have been using them as everyday hand soap for the entire family (we're 4). It really moisturizes well and helps with dry skin. My wife really likes the smell too, which is a plus! We've been using it for a bit and notice that it really lasts a while.

Patricia E. Verified Reviewer

Happy hands.

This soap lathers really well and works great for my hands. Good buy!

Trevon M. Verified Reviewer

Not a looker, but definitely smells good!

The bar is not much to look at (pretty standard yellow bar), but it smells really good and cleans really well.

Jonathan L. Verified Reviewer

It's perfect for my dry skin.

I really like the citrus scent which smells natural and not perfumey. The soap cleans really well but doesn't dry out your skin. If you live in a very hot/dry place like I do, I definitely recommend it!

Peter M. Verified Reviewer

Very happy with this soap!

Strong and pleasing scen, and leaves my skin nice and soft. It doesn't leave any residue like other soaps and it suds up nicely, which I did not expect. Happy with my purchase!

Joey, O Verified Reviewer

Green cleaners? Yes, please!

I have been looking to green-up my house for the past few weeks and have been making the change to green cleaners, shampoo, and soap. lik this one! It feels as clean as other soaps but you kind of can tell that it's...more natural? Maybe its because of the gentle fragrance. I really like it!

Susan G. Verified Reviewer

The right soap definitely makes a difference!

I have really bad allergies and have to be very careful both with of soaps and perfumes. Most fragrances really irritate my allergies, so I've been avoiding them for some time. I saw that these had natural ingredients so I ordered a bar. It definitely was the right idea! It smells great and does not affect my allergies! It's a ...

Karen L. Verified Reviewer

Moved away from liquid hand soap and lik it!

I've actually always preffered liquid soap to bar soap, but I really want to move away from plastic bottles, so I tried out this soap. It suds up pretty great and smells really good. I have not smelled any soap quite like it before. Pleasantly surprised.

Alex G. Verified Reviewer

Amazing Smell

Good smell lasts a while in heavy use.

Johnny Q. Verified Reviewer

Scent fills up the bathroom!

I really lik this soap and its scent. I don't notice the fragrance on my skin after washing my hands with it, but that's ok! I actually prefer it that way.

Donna K. Verified Reviewer

New to lemongrass but loving it!

Bought this to try out the lemongrass fragrance. Never had lemongrass-scented anything before. I thought that it was going to smell like lemon/citrus, but it's even better. It kind of smells like ginger or ginger and lemon. Very pleasant smell.

Linda A. Verified Reviewer

If you have psoriaris, do not even worry about it!

I usually make my own soaps, shampoo, and detergent. I have really bad psoriasis and the use of fragrances and soaps usually ends up in a bad breakout. A friend recommended that I look for natural soaps and products and I stumbled into this bar. I actually bought it because I liked that they advertise their ingredients openly. It was ...

Jeffrey T. Verified Reviewer

It works. :)

Lathers great and smells awesome. There's not much else I can ask from a bar of soap.

Alfred, M. Verified Reviewer

Sweet scent! lik it!

Scent is subtle but great. My hands actually feel clean and soft and it doesn't dry my skin. Happy with it!

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