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Natural Bar Soap Reviews

Linda B. Verified Reviewer


Good clean feel.

Laila K. Verified Reviewer


Great bar soap, love the lemongrass scent.

Judith A. Verified Reviewer

Natural bar soap

I like this soap. It makes me feel squeaky clean.

Angie C. Verified Reviewer

Replaced my bath soap!

I've literally used Dove soap for 30 years. Every time I tried a different soap, it made my skin so dry and itchy, I switched back immediately. But not this soap. It works, it smells nice, and while it initially feels a little drier, it doesn't leave my skin dry or itchy at all. I hope you'll consider making shampoo ...

Donna K. Verified Reviewer

New to lemongrass but loving it!

Bought this to try out the lemongrass fragrance. Never had lemongrass-scented anything before. I thought that it was going to smell like lemon/citrus, but it's even better. It kind of smells like ginger or ginger and lemon. Very pleasant smell.

Jill H. Verified Reviewer

Gentle on my skin

A pleasant fragrance and texture. Has not irritated my sensitive skin ( so far) but I have just started using it. Gets you “squeaky clean”

Linda B. Verified Reviewer

Smooth and soft

I love this soap. It smells fresh and makes my skin feel so soft.

Sandra B. Verified Reviewer


Works well, rinses easily.

Nancy L. Verified Reviewer


My husband has psoriasis and most soaps irritate his skin. This soap cleans and soothes. Leaves my sin soft, too.

Francine K. Verified Reviewer

Great bar and smell!

The smell was definitely a happy surprise. Did not expect it to smell this good. Smells really nice and pleasant, almost like lemon and ginger!

Gayle J. Verified Reviewer

Bar soap is gentle on my skin

I use it when I shower. No soapy residue, rinses clean and my skin feels great. Other soaps lead to dry flaky skin conditions, but this soap leaves my skin soft and smooth!

Alfred, M. Verified Reviewer

Sweet scent! lik it!

Scent is subtle but great. My hands actually feel clean and soft and it doesn't dry my skin. Happy with it!

Miriam P. Verified Reviewer


The bar soap is good so far.

Joey, O Verified Reviewer

Green cleaners? Yes, please!

I have been looking to green-up my house for the past few weeks and have been making the change to green cleaners, shampoo, and soap. lik this one! It feels as clean as other soaps but you kind of can tell that it's...more natural? Maybe its because of the gentle fragrance. I really like it!

Theresa B. Verified Reviewer

My hippy son loves this soap!

My college aged son came home from school this summer and announced that he no longer used body soap as a daily ritual! Hmmmmm, what is a mother to do? Enter Cleancult! Hurray!!! My son now washes regularly with SOAP and water!

Katherine S. Verified Reviewer

Love the products!

The lemongrass scent in the dish soap and all purpose cleaner are great & all the products do a great job. I especially like that the dish soap refill was thicker than my original product received - great improvement! My only wish is that the laundry tabs had a bit more of a fresh scent to them. I continue to ...

Peter M. Verified Reviewer

Very happy with this soap!

Strong and pleasing scen, and leaves my skin nice and soft. It doesn't leave any residue like other soaps and it suds up nicely, which I did not expect. Happy with my purchase!

Jonathan N. Verified Reviewer

I smell good

Lather up a hand towel with the bar and scrub all over to look and feel your cleanest.

Amethyst C. Verified Reviewer

Smells Like a Spa - Cleans like a Dream

I never realized how much residue was left after using standard branded soap. I can only imagine that if the residue is still there ... so are germs/bacteria. This soap smells beautiful and washes off COMPLETELY / IMMEDIATELY.

Franky K. Verified Reviewer

Smells great and moisturizes really well!

These bars last a really long time. We have been using them as everyday hand soap for the entire family (we're 4). It really moisturizes well and helps with dry skin. My wife really likes the smell too, which is a plus! We've been using it for a bit and notice that it really lasts a while.

Emily S. Verified Reviewer

Lavender Hand Soap

Love it! Your hands are clean and they smell good too!

Alex G. Verified Reviewer

Amazing Smell

Good smell lasts a while in heavy use.

Tammy W. Verified Reviewer

Better than my own home-made soap

I hate to admit it...but you nailed the creamy lather!

Patricia C. Verified Reviewer

Great soap

Love the soap and wonderful clean scent!

Amanda F. Verified Reviewer

These bars are fantastic

I’ve been using natural soap bars for about 9 months now and these bars are amazing! Great smell and rinses clean.

Norma V. Verified Reviewer

Bar soap

Love the bar soap, just wish the size was a bit bigger as we went through each bar relatively quickly.

AnnaMaria C. Verified Reviewer


Normally do not use bar soap, well I am liking this one. Does not dry my skin.

Nicole W. Verified Reviewer

I love this soap!

Smells wonderful! Good lather, rinses well and skin feels great. My new favorite bar soap for life!

Juliet B. Verified Reviewer

Smells so good!

Excellent works great and smells so good!

Lorri A. Verified Reviewer

Great Smell

Nice lather and refreshing scent. No residue! Long lasting too.

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