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Liquid Dish Soap Reviews

Mike J. Verified Reviewer

It smells increible!

Smells nice and clean and I actually use less than I normally do when washing my dishes with Dawn, which is what I usually buy.

Ash P. Verified Reviewer

I found a new favorite soap!

I typically use Dawn dish soap but wanted to try this one (just because it looks pretty). I think it cuts grease just as well as Dawn, and I don't have to use as much. Bonus: I feel better knowing I'm helping the environment!

Carl T. Verified Reviewer

Love, love, love!

Good riddance, Palmolive! Looooove the scent and how easy it is to wash my dishes with Cleancult.

Christina P. Verified Reviewer

Hubby loves it and so do I!

My husband recently read about chemicals in soaps and detergents and we've been switching to 'natural' alternatives. A friend recommended Cleancult, and we gave the dish soap a try. Best thing we've done all year! It works like Dawn without the sketchy chemicals.

Mary, L. Verified Reviewer

Better than Dawn!

I had to convince my husband into switching to this from the Dawn we usually buy but now he only wants to use this dish soap! We love it! It cuts the grease fast and a little drop goes far. I also don't feel like my skin isn't dried out after my hands are done swimming around in dish water ...

Hanson G. Verified Reviewer

They smell great and work really well!

I don't like to waste products ever, so I've been slowly using the rest of my dish soap and detergent I stocked up on before cleancult, but Im almost 100% off that old stuff and onto cleancult. Super excited!

David K. Verified Reviewer

Works like a charm.

Cleancult's dish soap not only needs very little to make soapy suds but the smell is great! Works like a charm.

Ryan E. Verified Reviewer

Smells AMAAAzing

Love the scent, SOOO fresh. Exactly what clean dishes are supposed to smell like, 5 stars!

Michelle B. Verified Reviewer


This works great and smells good, too! Also, it keeps my dish sponge cleaner, longer!!

Jose M. Verified Reviewer


Soap smells great and doesn't leave behind any weird greasy film. Love it.

Jenk U. Verified Reviewer

Already ordered 2 bottles! Such a pleasant scent!

Not really into the unscented business, so when I saw a natural dish soap with a scent, I had to try it. It's awesome! Already ordered another bottle!

Cat W. Verified Reviewer

Cleans dishes and helps the environment.

Great for washing dishes in the sink and helping the environment always feels awesome. My wife and I love it.

Anna S. Verified Reviewer

Phenomenal Lemongrass Dish Soap - My Fave!

Cleancult's dish soap not only needs very little to make soapy suds but the smell is great! Works like a charm. It's definitely become my favorite dish soap and I'll be restocking soon!

Jared M. Verified Reviewer

We made the change to green and we're not going back!

We recently started buying natural products for our family, including soaps and detergents. We have been buying Cleancult's laundry pods for a while and we love it. So when we saw that they had other products, we just had to try. They never disappoint! The dish soap works and smells great. If you're trying to get rid of chemicals in ...

Ian R. Verified Reviewer

Very powerful soap! Love it.

Love the scent! I am a bit of a messy guy and I usually spill and waste soap when using Dawn's squirt bottles. But this one works great and the squirt top isn't messy at all!

Clyde F. Verified Reviewer

Best green cleaner I have tried!

My son recommended this product after trying out the laundry pacs. I love the fresh scent and how little I actually have to use to clean. I'll definitely try out their other products.

Amy J. Verified Reviewer

Cleans and lathers without bad stuff!

I’ve tried so many toxin-free dish soaps (always looking for pronouncable, limited ingredients) for our family. All those we have tried neither lather, cut grease nor clean. This one does. For real. And four ingredients is amazing. Definitely a repeat purchase.

Laura P. Verified Reviewer

FINALLY found a good product!

I am allergic to the artificial scents, coloring, and chemicals in traditional soaps and laundry products. I have been in search of a natural product that smells nice and actually works for the longest time and am VERY happy with this product. I have already ordered the other cleaners in Cleancults line. If you are on the fence, I would ...

Karen M. Verified Reviewer

Thanks, cleancult!!

I don't usually write reviews, but had to do it for these guys. To the Cleancult folk: thanks for this product! Finally found a dish soap that doesn't hurt or dry my hands. I recommend it for everyone that struggles with sensitive skin.

Eliz S. Verified Reviewer

What's not to love?

Gentle fragrance and fast grease cutting. What's not to love? Plus, it's good for the environment.

Maria J. Verified Reviewer

Give this brand a chance! You'll love it!

The 'millennial', 'hipster' feeling I got from Cleancult initially turned me off, but after trying out the dish soap after a friend recommended it I love it. Gotta hand it to these guys, they may look like a new, hipster brand, but they actually make great products. Will definitely buy again.

Mikayla Verified Reviewer

Great Product!

I really liked how this dish soap didn't feel greasy and it didn't leave my hands dry after using it. It really cleaned all my dirty dishes! And I really like how this is an environmentally friendly product. It's worth the extra money knowing I'm getting a product that does what it says it does and doesn't harmfully impact our ...

Frank F. Verified Reviewer

A little watery but awesome!

I love this soap! Cleans excellent and doesn't dry hands at all. Dishes feel clean and don't smell weird. There are no overpowering fragrances and no smells leftover on dishes at all, which is a plus +++.

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