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Liquid Dish Soap Refill Reviews

Jill H. Verified Reviewer

Looks are deceiving

It is hard to get used to the “no bubbles” water, but the cleaning result is great even though it looks like you are washing in oily water. Very easy on your hands, actually moisturizing.

Barbara A. Verified Reviewer

Soapy surprise

At first when I started to use the dish soap I noticed it came out watery. That was okay because I worked with watery dish soap before. I was surprised to find however that this dish soap made lots of suds and stayed sudsy for a long time. It stayed sudsy longer than any other dish soap I've used and ...

Peter W. Verified Reviewer

Clean smell

Great scent, good suds, and is easy on my graywater system.

Renee E. Verified Reviewer

Great dish soap

Everyone in the household loves this product

Julie P. Verified Reviewer

Lemony yumminess

Love the smell and cleans very well! 😊

Kristina K. Verified Reviewer

great dish soap

I love this soap for hand washing dishes. Such a fresh natural scent and leaves dishes clean and grease-free.

Karissa R. Verified Reviewer


The solution is thinner than I expected, but it works great! I love the smell and it works great at cleaning dishes.

Amber T. Verified Reviewer

Love it!

I love the way this dish soap smalls and it works great to remove grease and grime.

Ramona W. Verified Reviewer

smells great

THere's no phosphates so don't expect lots of bubbles, but it smells great. Again with 6 people in my family, we have lots of dishes and I don't think it's enough. However, I like it.

Toni R. Verified Reviewer

Great job

I clean with microfiber so don’t need a lot of soaps. But this one does the job when I need it and leaves a clean smell afterwards.

Debbie E. Verified Reviewer

Great products!

I've used other natural products and didn't feel they cleaned very well, especially dish washer detergent. I love knowing the products are natural and the packaging recycles well.

Joanna C. Verified Reviewer


Very happy with it

Lisa S. Verified Reviewer

The best!

Best liquid dish soap I’ve used! Cleans amazingly well and, because it doesn’t have any of those nasty chemicals in it, it’s perfect for my skin sensitivities! Great scent, great product!

Sharlene J. Verified Reviewer

Works like a charm

The viscosity is a thinner than I am used to with dish soap, but thicker than the liquid Castile soap I’ve used before. All in all a great product! Thanks

Tania D. Verified Reviewer

The smell is lovely!

This cleans very well and the smell is so good, we now enjoy doing dishes slightly more. If you get my kid to do dishes, I’m buying your products for life.

Jennifer H. Verified Reviewer

Love, love, love!

this stuff is the best. It works so well, smells so good, comes in guilt free packaging. I love it, thank you!

Rhea C. Verified Reviewer

Great dishsoap

Cleans very well, has a very pleasant scent, rinses well and doesn't leave a residue.

Megan B. Verified Reviewer

Works great!

I've been loving the liquid dish soap - too often natural dish soap does not cut grease, but this does. I came for zero waste, but am staying for the product quality! Please make toilet bowl cleaner and glass cleaner next! :)

ROBIN B. Verified Reviewer

Smells great, works great!

Love the fresh lemon scent and cleans great!

Hugh C. Verified Reviewer

Really good dish soap

I bought it thinking it would interesting and good for the environment, but I quickly learned that it is a pretty darn good sir soap, cutting through grease and grime and rinses very easily. I'm hooked.

Robin S. Verified Reviewer

Dish Soap

Wonderful clean smell and cuts the grease!!! Love the container which I use to fill my plastic

Jeanette P. Verified Reviewer

Cleans the dishes really good!

Love the scent of this dish soap. It’s less foamy but cleans just as well as other dish soaps. Because it foams less, it’s great to use in the tub especially when using the jets...the scent is gorgeous and it doesn’t bubble over the edge!

Lynda J. Verified Reviewer

Great dish soap

I enjoy using cleancult dish soap. It gets out grease and is concentrated so I use less

Maria I. Verified Reviewer

Works very well

I love the scent and how little you need to lather up the dishes. I do feel that the dishes are left a little silky, but after they’re dry, it goes away. Doesn’t leave my hands dry.

Margo M. Verified Reviewer

Smells great

Love the scent and it’s long lasting and sudsy

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