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Dishwasher Tablets Refill Reviews

Michelle W. Verified Reviewer

Hard Water DREAM!!

We recently moved to New Mexico and the water here is HARD!!!! You have no idea what that means if you haven't experienced it yourself. Our dishes would come out of the dishwasher coated in a white powder/film. Our other attempts-Vinegar, rinse aids, etc, nothing got rid of it. I read a CC review that specifically mentioned these tabs working ...

Tanya B. Verified Reviewer

Cleaner Dishes

I look forward to washing dishes these days. I feel my dishes are cleaner and there is less residue in the dishwasher.

Jacque R. Verified Reviewer

Does Excellent Job

I used Cascade for years. No more!! I’m a Clean Cult Girl now!!

Nancy B. Verified Reviewer


My dishes are squeaky clean. I love this product.

DAN L. Verified Reviewer

Better than the plastic monster

Have been alternating this with bottled and this is at least the equal of the plastic monster

Arlene A. Verified Reviewer

Sparkling dishes

Dishes from the dishwasher come out sparkling clean. No residue.

Lorri A. Verified Reviewer

Clean, Clean, dishes!

I don't have the most efficient dishwasher and was skeptical about using this pods but they work better than anything I have tried including the besting selling expensive brands!

Linda G. Verified Reviewer


I espcilly ike these. They dissolve, clean and the dishes sparkle.

fanny s. Verified Reviewer

The best dishwasher detergent so Far!

This is the best dish washing detergent we ever used, clean the dishes without leaving any residue.

Karissa R. Verified Reviewer

Dishwasher tablets

I don’t like the way the tablets smell, but it works well. The dishes always come out nice and clean.

Nikki H. Verified Reviewer


Love the lavender smell of the foam soap, everything works exactly as I want it to! Came for the no plastic but staying for the products!

Jill H. Verified Reviewer


The best result I have had in my dishwasher in 30 years! Dishes are squeaky clean and spotless.

Jonathan N. Verified Reviewer

they do work well

Though the dingy dishwasher hasn't been miraculously restored, the tablets work well. I scrub before Ioad, and don't handle lasagna crusted pans, but the dishes are nice and clean when they come out, even with my water heater on a low setting.

Andy G. Verified Reviewer

New dishwasher NOT necessary!

Hard water, teenagers, and husband made me think our Bosch dishwasher could not keep up. It wasn't keeping up--regardless of the dishwasher detergent brand I was using. I was ready to pitch the Bosch and try again. But...tada! Your dishwasher detergent solved my issues. No more film. No more chalky residue. No more mess. Love it!

Lora D. Verified Reviewer

Works great!

I haven’t had any trouble with dishes coming out of the dishwasher still dirty after a wash cycle.

Sarah P. Verified Reviewer

Amazingly Clean Dishes

We have extremely hard water. The dishes never used to look really clean. Sometimes our previous dishwasher detergent did not get all the bits off the dishes. Now with clean cult dishwasher tablets the dishes don't have spots! I even did a test. I left stuck spaghetti sauce on a pan over night, then I ran the dishwasher with clean ...

Mark T. Verified Reviewer

These work great!

Dishes cleaner than with other brands. The best of your products that we tried so far.

Hallie A. Verified Reviewer

Great products

I love this company. We need to rethink our plastic use and Cleancult makes it easy.

Sharlene J. Verified Reviewer

Works great

and I love the lack of plastic packaging. Thank you!

Jeannine H. Verified Reviewer

Works Great

Really pleased with this one. Dishes sparkle. I have a water softener, so I'm sure that helps.

Deborra S. Verified Reviewer

Works well

Nothing else to say. The dishes, even pots, are nicely clean. I love the simple packaging.

Nadia S. Verified Reviewer

Works well

Works well

Monique A. Verified Reviewer

Seems to work well

I like that the plastic around the tablet doesn't need removing. Just pop it in and go

Gina M. Verified Reviewer

Great dishwasher detergent

I like the dishwasher detergent. It cleans fine. I’m somewhat concerned about the wrapper clogging my dishwasher, but so far it dissolves and works fine. I’m really happy with the product.

Monica T. Verified Reviewer

Great cleaners!

I truly appreciate the mission to reduce plastic. The cleaners work well and smell great! I do think I use more of the dish soap than my old brand because cleancult dish soap is a bit watery. Otherwise, I am satisfied and recommend the products!

Honey C. Verified Reviewer

BEST dishwasher detergent ever

I had searched high and low and truly thought I would be resigned to using unsafe chemicals to get my dishes clean, or else put up with filmy plasticware. But no more! I FINALLY FOUND THE ONE! This is the only detergent I have tried (and I tried Mrs. Meyers, Method, Seventh Generation, Kirkland, Ecover, Palmolive Eco, and more!) that ...

Rhea C. Verified Reviewer

Sparkling clean

These dishwasher tabs are the best. Every load comes out clean and sparling.

Glory J. Verified Reviewer

The best yet!

This product is superior to the other similar products I have used that were full of chemicals. I have given samples to all my adult children and they agree with me!

Jorge J. Verified Reviewer

Dishes look great. Done!

Bit pricey but the dishes looks completely clean out of the washer and I don't see spots so what else is needed?

Nancy W. Verified Reviewer

squeaky clean

I use the 4 hour ,low water usage setting on my dishwasher. My dishes come out lovely squeaky clean and high gloss on all my glasswear.

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