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Dishwasher Tablets Reviews

Robert H. Verified Reviewer

Great buy!

I just got these tablets a few days ago and have used them in my dishwasher a few times. They are awesome! My dishes come out clean and a BIG plus, my dishwasher smells good when washing them. Very glad I bought from them.

Lena D. Verified Reviewer

Never used tablets before! Love them.

I decided to run through the entire pouch before writing a review. These tablets are great! Dishes come out very clean, no stains at all. I love that they are made from natural stuff, so I don’t really have to worry about chemicals on the dishes or the dishwater.

Marion S. Verified Reviewer

Clean dishes

These tablets work very well in our Bosch dishwasher.

Joe A. Verified Reviewer

Good product

It cleans dishes well

Kendra T. Verified Reviewer

Happy, happy, happy!

FINALLY! This is the only natural dishwashing detergent that works. My dishes are spotless, my glasses are clean, my plastic cups don’t smell like detergent. I am happy, happy, happy.

Marta G. Verified Reviewer

Smell fantastic, works great!

The foaming hand soap and dish soap are both awesome! Love the smell of the lavender hand soap and it makes my hands feel soft. Dish soap gets the job done just fine. The cardboard milk box refills help get me closer to my goal of cutting out as much plastic as possible.

Jennifer J. Verified Reviewer

Seems to be working well

Easy to use

Rachel B. Verified Reviewer

Works great once you break old habits.

This is amazing and gets my dishes squeaky clean. The only hiccups that happened were when I was running on auto-pilot and popped one into the dispenser instead of just loose in the dishwasher. It didn’t dissolve lol 😂

Rob S. Verified Reviewer

works very well - glass items have no spots !!

works very well - glass items have no spots !!

Diane C. Verified Reviewer

Works better than any other environmental friendly product I’ve used

Try it!

S H. Verified Reviewer

No more rinsing before putting into dishwasher

I like the advertisement that shows the girl questioning why her mother washes the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. No need to worry with this tiny tablet. Just scrape the dishes, Load into dishwasher. Rinse if not washing till after next meal. Leaves shiny clean dishes.

Madelon L. Verified Reviewer

I love these dishwasher tablets

Nice to have tablets that work so well and are eco friendly.

Bruce D. Verified Reviewer

Dishwasher Tablets

They work well.

Lucas A. Verified Reviewer

Good cleaned very well

Works as advertized dishes are very clean

Sandra B. Verified Reviewer


Appear to work as welll as other non fragrance natural dishwasher tablets.

Lauren F. Verified Reviewer

Smells great!

My son recommended that we switch away from Cascade pods, because he read that it rated badly on health. We gave a try to both Grab Green and Cleancult. They both clean really well, but I like the Cleancult smell better.

Fred O. Verified Reviewer

The detergent makes all the difference.

For the longest time, I thought my dishwasher was at fault for the grime and water stains on my dishes. I decided to put vinegar in the dishwasher with the detergent, and it helped a lot. But then I decided that maybe it’s time to switch detergents. I used Cascade before, and gave a try to Mrs. Meyers, Cleancult and ...

Rebecca A. Verified Reviewer

No More Fear of Being Poisened!

I used to rinse everything AFTER I washed it in the dishwasher! SO great to feel safe that I won't be imbibing or licking off chemically charged dishwasher cleaner. Thanks!

LeeAnn M. Verified Reviewer

Clean without the chemicals!

Plus no residual smell and taste of added unneeded ingredients in the liquid Cascade I had been using.

Phyllis C. Verified Reviewer

Dishwasher Tablets

Cleaned dishes and silverware nicely.

Naomi B. Verified Reviewer

Definite keepers!

I am really impressed with how well these tablets do! They are definitely going to be what I use from now on.

Christine J. Verified Reviewer


Our dishes are clean and the tablets are super easy to use!

Donita S. Verified Reviewer

Dishwasher Tablets

These are a big hit with my husband, who loads the dishwasher. We will order again!

Diane S. Verified Reviewer

Really pleased

These work great, no problems with dried on food or grease.

Alexander R. Verified Reviewer

Great mission, even greater detergent

I signed up for cleancult because I love their mission and the way they are changing the cleaning industry. I didn't know that the cleaners were also going to be better than the traditional cleaners I was using before! The subscription makes it so easy too!

Toni R. Verified Reviewer

Amazingly clean

These tablets clean really well and don’t leave the chemical “clean” smell in the dishwasher. The only “problem” is that i left the package open overnight and the cabinet smelled like dog food when I opened it. Not bad, but it took a while to figure out where the smell was coming from! :)

Barbara D. Verified Reviewer

Dish Soap

Too thin (waterey). The smell is fine for me, but my other half compared it to a petroleum product.

Jacque R. Verified Reviewer


I was using good old Cascade. So I initially had my doubts about these tablets. I had nothing to worry about. I like the way you don’t have to take it out of its wrapper. And it cleans BETTER than Cascade! It gets a big YAY from me!!

Diantha K. Verified Reviewer


My dishes come out clean and sparkling! I’m happy with the results so far.

Mark S. Verified Reviewer

Works! It really works!

Cleans very good and the scent is lovely. I was a bit hesitant to purchase green detergents, but now I’m thinking of switching all my cleaners to green stuff. They really do work!

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