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Wool Dryer Balls Reviews

Pamela H. Verified Reviewer

Love the softening they provide

An easy way to cut down on static and soften the drying clothes without chemicals.

Karen R. Verified Reviewer

Very pleased...

I am very pleased with the wool dryer balls. I leave them in the dryer and find this works best. I scent them with different essential oils and this works to naturally scent the laundry. Would purchase again.

Gillian B. Verified Reviewer

Great dryer balls

Everything seems softer when i use these in the dryer.

Jared B. Verified Reviewer

Love them!

Great alternative to fabric softener. They last a long time too!

Madelon L. Verified Reviewer

Surprisingly good!

I thought this was just a gimmick, but they really work.

Louis S. Verified Reviewer

Great build and look. These seem like they will last a long time!

Hey! I'm writing this review because I was actually impressed with the product. I was afraid that these were going to lint up all my clothes but they actually are pretty sturdy and tight wound. Have been using them for about two weeks and they still look like new.

Bruce D. Verified Reviewer

They work fine!

I use the woolen dryer balls all the time.

Renee E. Verified Reviewer

Neat trick for drying clothes

Very happy with this product

Cathryn S. Verified Reviewer

Nice balls!

What a great idea! I am sold on this. It sounds a bit like someone is playing a speedy game of tennis in the dryer but that's okay.

Becky B. Verified Reviewer

Fast and Soft

These things are great. I use a lot of denim and heavy jeans, and these things helped to cut down the amount of time they had to spend in the dryer by a TON. Feels just like I used fabric softener after I took them out, love love love!

Catherine N. Verified Reviewer

Love love love them !

I couldn’t believe the difference in the look and feel of the clothes! Even my husband noticed!

Ben K. Verified Reviewer

Fun to use

No static and they are fun!

Jessica B. Verified Reviewer

Static free

My clothes are static free and I love that they’re reusable for many dries to come!

Sally O. Verified Reviewer

Work well!

Using these has reduced static cling significantly. Work much better than dryer sheets which I hate using for the chemicals.

Christine J. Verified Reviewer

Works as expected!

Love them!

Susan P. Verified Reviewer

Really do work!

The balls are leaving my clothes soft and static free.

Laila K. Verified Reviewer

5 Stars

It works just as well (if not better) than standard dryer sheets. The textile dries faster since the dryer balls are bouncing about.

Brian Verified Reviewer

Honestly The Best Investment

I have used these over 20 times. they are extremely durable and make my clothes feel amazing!!

Bevo T. Verified Reviewer


Melissa F. Verified Reviewer

Goodness gracious, great balls of drier!

Noticeably fluffier clothes and less time spent drying. I don't really understand why they work but I love them!

Jose H. Verified Reviewer

I was looking to replace dryer sheets, because they just seem a bit wasteful. I got these as a replacement. I like a bit of fragrance in my clothes so I have been sprinkling a few drops of essential oil on these. So far, so good!

Will G. Verified Reviewer


So these do seem to reduce the static and are so much quieter than plastic ones

Margaret A. Verified Reviewer

Will use these from now on

Simple to use and they make the clothes soft and static free.

Sandra B. Verified Reviewer

work great,

Better thatn dryer sheet. They seem to reduce wrinkles in addition to static.

Beth E. Verified Reviewer

BIG dryer balls that work and look great!

I almost never leave reviews on products, but I just had to for these. We have used wool dryer balls for years now and know how they work, all the tips to help them work better, etc. We decided to buy these just to try a new product. Pros: they are BIG, but silent at the same time; they are ...

Jennifer M. Verified Reviewer

All the softness. None of the chemicals.

All the softness and benefits of fabric softeners without any of the chemicals. What's not to love? They have shortened drying times, they soften clothes, and there is less static than with the dryer sheets I was using. Five stars all the way.

BEST O. Verified Reviewer

never thought this would work

I generally dry clothes on the clothesline. The balls help beat the wrinkles out in the air-dry setting of the dryer.

Jacque R. Verified Reviewer

Good Job

I guess these have been around for years. Wish I would have found them sooner! No static cling and nice and soft!

Anna S. Verified Reviewer

Very Effective Dryer Balls

Hey! I''m writing this review because I was very impressed with the product. I was afraid that these were going to lint up all my clothes but they actually are pretty sturdy and tight wound. I have been using them for about two weeks and they still look like new! I would highly recommend this product.

Stephanie F. Verified Reviewer

Wool dryer balls

No static in the house!

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