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Foaming Hand Soap Reviews

Donna R. Verified Reviewer

Smells Amazing

Love this and knowing it is made from all good stuff I'm not afraid to breath it in!!!

Lisa M. Verified Reviewer

Love the lavender

Cleans great with a wonderful lavender scent!

Marta G. Verified Reviewer

Smell fantastic, works great!

Love this stuff! Smells fantastic! Makes my hands soft. And helps me not buy so much plastic!!!!!!

Cherryl G. Verified Reviewer

Love this hand soap

Smells wonderful. Rinses off squeaky clean.

Leah S. Verified Reviewer

Nice scent, cleans well

Good for basic hand cleansing. Pleasant scent. I will buy this product again.

Alice . Verified Reviewer

Soft Hands

Love this! Wonderful natural fragrance and it leaves your hands feeling moisturized and soft.

Constance F. Verified Reviewer

Foaming Hand Soap Review

Feels clean, smells clean, looks clean and works consistently. The foam sometimes spits out and misses my hand, but maybe that is a coordination problem on my part.

Sharon R. Verified Reviewer

Very nice!

Love the smell and it does a great job getting my hands clean even after an afternoon of working in the dirt!

Katie P. Verified Reviewer

Lovely Lavender

This is my first foaming cleanser! I’m old school and tend to stick with bar soaps. This hand soap has been a great addition to my daily routine. Great smell and cleans really well. Highly recommend.

Juliet B. Verified Reviewer

Love this!

Smells good, works great, cleans glasses too!

Jennifer K. Verified Reviewer

Great soap

Works well. Lasts a while since it’s foaming.

Jennifer J. Verified Reviewer

Love that it comes in a foaming formula

Love the lavender scent

Phyllis C. Verified Reviewer

Foaming Hand Soap

Clean hands with a nice fragrance.

Nicole L. Verified Reviewer

Hand soap

I like this soap it is something I will continue to use.

Suzanne M. Verified Reviewer

Clean hands

The smell and the clean that I feel with this soap is beyond my expectations.

Amethyst C. Verified Reviewer

I'm in Love ...

I love this soap. It foams and gets rid of residue immediately. Smells like heaven. My hands have never felt cleaner.

Jacque R. Verified Reviewer


Instant Foaming Action does the job in no time!! Love it!!

Robert T. Verified Reviewer

Feels great!

I like that this soap is really gentle and actually rinses off all the way. I'm not a huge fan of liquid soaps because they tend to leave your hands feeling oily, but this one is great! We really love the foam and how well it works!

Mary J. Verified Reviewer

Foaming hand soap

I love the foam, smell, and feeling.

Heather G. Verified Reviewer

Great Hand Soap

We typically use Mrs. Myers Clean Day products in our home. We decided to give Clean Cult a try to help reduce our plastic consumption while still using high quality organic cleaners. The hand soap is great. Very little is needed to thoroughly clean hands and the scent is refreshing and subtle.

Kenneth F. Verified Reviewer

Very gentle on hands

With a new baby in the house we’re washing our hands way more than we used to. I have very sensitive skin (eczema), so finding a liquid soap that does not dry them up has been difficult. This soap doesn't irritate my skin and it smells great! I usually prefer citrus scents, but this one is very pleasing!

Gayle J. Verified Reviewer

Works and smells great!

I use this often and am very pleased with the results. My hands are clean and my skin feels moisturized after using this soap! I recommend this product!

Leanne H. Verified Reviewer

Lavender soap

The soap cleans well and the smell isn’t over powering.

Judith A. Verified Reviewer

Foaming hand soap

Love this product, bought it for the bathroom and then got another for the kitchen. Like the lather.

Lisa S. Verified Reviewer

Super clean!

I love the way this hand soap makes my hands feel so clean without drying out my skin! Great smell, too!

Kathleen L. Verified Reviewer

Works great!

Will cut down on my shopping and will help to keep the Earth clean. I was surprised on how good it works. Was a little worried about buying products from another country but then I found out is was made in USA. I was convinced by the goofy guys who were selling it and I am happy I bought it. ...

Susie P. Verified Reviewer

Hand soap

Great! Love it!

Alex V. Verified Reviewer

Excellent hand soap!

I really like the smell of this soap- it’s refreshing and energizing! My hands feel clean, and the soap doesn’t dry out my skin. Highly recommend!

Christine J. Verified Reviewer


Smells good and works great!

Jim B. Verified Reviewer

Works great, and the smell...ahh!

The hand soap works great! I did some work on the car and one wash with this hand soap got the dirt and grease off! I love the fresh lavender smell it leaves!

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