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Foaming Hand Soap Reviews

Mary B. Verified Reviewer

New fan!

I bought three of these for my entire household just because of the ingredients they use to create it. It’s actually a very gentle, pleasant-smelling and effective soap. People should actually do a bit more research when buying soaps and cleaners. This guys really seem like the real deal and are very open about their ingredients and process. Cleancult, you ...

Johnny T. Verified Reviewer

Best foaming hand soap I've tried yet

This is THE BEST foaming soap I’ve tried yet. I actually wash my hands a bit obsessively when I’m around the house and this soap DOES NOT drye them up. Been using it for the last two weeks and I really love it. (BONUS: My wife loves it too.)

Robert T. Verified Reviewer

Feels great!

I like that this soap is really gentle and actually rinses off all the way. I'm not a huge fan of liquid soaps because they tend to leave your hands feeling oily, but this one is great! We really love the foam and how well it works!

Barb G. Verified Reviewer


This soap smells FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Love the natural lavender smell and how soft my hands feel!

Jonathan G. Verified Reviewer

Great soap!

We have from antibacterial soap (which is very drying) to this one. There isn’t a great selection of foaming soaps at the grocery store I usually go, so we did a bit of research and came upon cleancult products. They are gentle, smell great, and leave your hands feeling great! Not much else I can ask for!

Hannah T. Verified Reviewer

Pleasantly surprised

I usually buy unscented soaps (I thought this one was unscented, like the laundry tablets) but I have to say that I really love the scent. It’s actually very gentle, but pleasing. It’s created with essential oils so I’m not worried at all about any fragrance chemicals (which is a huge relief).

Kenneth F. Verified Reviewer

Very gentle on hands

With a new baby in the house we’re washing our hands way more than we used to. I have very sensitive skin (eczema), so finding a liquid soap that does not dry them up has been difficult. This soap doesn't irritate my skin and it smells great! I usually prefer citrus scents, but this one is very pleasing!

Jenny G. Verified Reviewer

Love the scent!

I wash my hands A LOT now that I've got this great-smelling soap in the house. The foam actually makes this bottle last longer than regular gel-soaps. It's perfect for all the bathrooms and the lavender scent is even great for the kitchen!

Josh G. Verified Reviewer

Great work!

I have very sensitive hands due to eczema and have not had much luck with liquid soaps (must trigger bad outbreaks). This soap really is very gentle and safe! I have not had a breakout since I started using it! It doesn’t dry my hands or make them itchy. I really want to compliment the people behind cleancult products! Keep ...

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