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Foaming Hand Soap Refill Reviews

Rebecca S. Verified Reviewer

This soap is wonderful!

I love the fact that refills come in a box. It works great to wash our hands, getting rid of any mess so far. I keep hoping that new scents will be released. My daughter is a huge fan of mint, but we appreciate the consciousness behind this soap so much!

Joanna C. Verified Reviewer

great stuff!

Very nice

Mary J. Verified Reviewer

Fabulous Foaming hand soap

I love this lavender foaming hand soap. It smells fabulous! Cleans well. Pump works great. I will definitely continue to purchase this product.

Nadia S. Verified Reviewer

Love smell

Love smell and foam. Funnily turns color if in sunlight!!

Michelle W. Verified Reviewer

Loven it

Smells dreamy, and works great

Cynthia C. Verified Reviewer

Soft, clean hands

Works so well and yet gentle. My hands used to break out with other cleaners.

Karissa R. Verified Reviewer

Foaming soap

The packing is nice, and the foaming solution feels extra foamy. It works and smells great.

Toni R. Verified Reviewer

My favorite

Love the smell and how it feels on my hands. Keep it coming!!

Maria I. Verified Reviewer

In love with this hand soap!

The scent is addictive and it works really well.

Ani L. Verified Reviewer


I gave all my other brand handsoap to the Rummage Sale and I bought 3 of these and will never go back! #frugalfani

Nathalie K. Verified Reviewer

Nice scent and consistency

Great smell and a little goes a long way. I feel like the dish soap might use the same formula, which works much better for skin and hands rather than for actual dishes and kitchenware in general, which needs something slightly more aggressive probably.

Lora D. Verified Reviewer

Love the scent and works great!

A small amount gets hands clean.

Gillian B. Verified Reviewer

Great scent, soft on hands

This handsoap has a wonderful light fragrance and leaves hands feeling soft, not dry.

Hallie A. Verified Reviewer


The hand soap is lovely. The cleaner is great also because you don't have to be worried about getting it on your skin like other chemical cleaners.

Ashleigh L. Verified Reviewer

Love the smell

Love love this product! Dispenser works great and the smell is super refreshing.

Tania D. Verified Reviewer

Lots of complements on the smell!

I have this in the main bathroom, where visitors go. They all comment on how good this soap smells. I love it!

Jen P. Verified Reviewer

Smells nice

Smells nice and cleans my hands well!

Nancy B. Verified Reviewer

Cleans as good as it smells.

Clean and softens hands. Leave great smell. I had a learning curve because I didn't know to dilute my refill.

Linda B. Verified Reviewer

Smells wonderful

I love the foaming handsoap. It smells wonderful and suds up nicely.

Nancy L. Verified Reviewer

Love it

We use this in my little boy’s bathroom. It cleans well and smells nice.

Theresa B. Verified Reviewer

We all love this!

This soap feels clean and natural! I would love more scent options... something floral would be nice. But, we love that the scent is not too strong.

Katheryn C. Verified Reviewer

Smells great!

I'm always concerned about how much perfume will be left on my hands when using liquid soap. This one is the best yet. Perfume only from natural ingredients and the smell goes away quickly.

Lisa S. Verified Reviewer

My favorite hand soap!

No nasty chemicals, which is great for my sensitive skin! I wash/clean my hands often, and thankfully, CleanCult’s Hand Soap does not dry out my hands! Great hand soap with a wonderful smell- definitely my new favorite!

Susan A. Verified Reviewer

Foaming Hand Soap

Great. Only need a litte bit.

Kristina K. Verified Reviewer

great hand soap!

Love this non-toxic foaming soap. Great scent, and leaves your hands feeling clean and fresh.

Jill H. Verified Reviewer

Easy on your hands

A little goes a long way and it does not dry my skin like other dish soaps do. Pleasant ( but fairly strong ) scent that subsides quickly.

Nancy W. Verified Reviewer

Thick and smells dreamy

My first order was a refill box, heck I have lots of plastic already to refill! Heads up to other folks though, Clean cult foam soap may be a bit thick for just anybodies foam dispenser. I am experimenting with thinning with water to make the foaming hand soap container I have work for my new Cleancult purposes.

Linda G. Verified Reviewer


Works great, smells great. I am very happy.

Gina M. Verified Reviewer

Love the hand soap

I love the hand soap! It feels nice in your hands, smells nice and cleans well. I would like a nicer dispenser than the plastic one that came with the initial shipment.

Hallie B. Verified Reviewer

I like it!

The hand soap smells nice and cleans well. I like that it's foaming too!

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