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Laundry Tablets Reviews

Jacque R. Verified Reviewer


Nice clean clothes without all the nasty things!

Moises Verified Reviewer

Cool New Brand!

It has been an incredible experience! I loved the product and I'm totally in with the new cool green brands! Congrats!

Maggie S. Verified Reviewer

Smells like nothing, gets out small stains

I have sensitive skin and been using this for awhile now. These nontoxic pods work perfectly. One pod in a relatively large load always does me. Smells like nothing, gets out small stains, pretty powerful stuff. Lasts way longer than my old liquid stuff, in my opinion. I don't know if it helps but I always throw the pod in ...

Alícia R. Verified Reviewer


They do work!! I have a toddler and even his clothes come out clean! I do miss the “just washed” smell in my clothes though 🤷🏼‍♀️ Overall happy with them!

Colleen C. Verified Reviewer

Laundry Detergent Tablets

I like the ease of dropping these directly in the machine. I have a front loader and it seems to work fine. None of my clothes are super dirty, so not sure how it works on stubborn stains.

Bob T. Verified Reviewer


My favorite non toxic product out there. The packaging is really nice and easy to recycle. No waste at all.

Kodi H. Verified Reviewer

Works great

You can't smell the clean, but you don't need to. Scents are made from chemicals. Works just as good as any other laundry soap. I use to use All free and clear. Don't notice a difference in cleaning power. Have also used tide pods, which would leave a sticky wad when the pod got caught inside a shirt and didn't ...

Miriam P. Verified Reviewer

Works well

So far, the laundry is clean.

Susan P. Verified Reviewer

Really working well!

So far so good! Cleaning well!

Barbara A. Verified Reviewer


Unfortunately it turns out I can't use pods in my washing machine so I can't be the judge of this detergent.I gave it five stars because you have to give it an amount of stars and even though I can't use it in my washing machine I see no reason to give it any less than five stars. I mean ...

Donna R. Verified Reviewer

Works Great

Good for the planet and works great too...who could ask for anything more! Thank you!

Alex B. Verified Reviewer

With a super messy newborn in the house

With a super messy newborn in the house, my wife wanted a hypoallergenic laundry soap and I found this amazing new company. Turns out they work absolutely fantastic. It removes everything than can possible come out of or get onto a newborn.

Ben F. Verified Reviewer

Awesome detergent pods!!!

Love, love, love these pods. I've tried many non toxic laundry detergent and this is by far the most effective I've used. I'm placing another order now and don't plan to go back to any of the others I've tried. Very happy it's good for sensitive skin and better for the environment than big box brands - and it works ...

BethAnn K. Verified Reviewer

Great detergent

Love these. They don’t leave residue or plastic pieces in the clothes. Clean really well.

Sherry A. Verified Reviewer

Great for the Laundry. Works as well as Method.

This worked well for us. Up until now we have only been using Method Laundry detergent. We like this just as well and will probably keep these stocked when only a "pod" will do. The pods are convenient and hold together well. The clothes came out clean. What more can you ask for?

Marci H. Verified Reviewer

wonderful laundry detergent

Cleans superbly, no waste, and great packaging.

Joe A. Verified Reviewer

Works well.

Does well.

Todd G. Verified Reviewer

I like it and it's going on my shopping list.

I've had problems with detergent my entire life; in fact, my mother complained about having to switch detergent because of the terrible rash I'd get. Decades later, the problem is still there and despite my best attempts, from time to time I'll break out due to some change in an ingredient list. Over the years I've found a few that ...

Patricia C. Verified Reviewer

Great laundry detergent!

This is perhaps my favorite product! My husband has very sensitive skin so I usually use same detergent to be on the safe side. He had no problem! I love how fresh and clean towels, sheets and all of our clothes feel and smell! Cleans very well and great for taking on trips due to packaging!

Angela F. Verified Reviewer

Feeling Clean!

Love it! Recently switched to it as our family detergent. Cool brand and packaging with easy-to-follow directions, with the pods making it super easy to do laundry in my high efficiency washing machine.

Amanda S. Verified Reviewer

Quality Detergent Free From Dyes and Scents

I feel the detergent works well and we haven't had any skin reactions. We have become sensitive to the scents and other additives in the other detergents so I have been using the more natural products free from dyes and scents. This makes our clothes look and smell clean so I am happy with it.

Julie B. Verified Reviewer

Best detergent pods I have found!

These detergent pods due a great job of cleaning my clothes without any residual smell or substance left on the clothing. I have been using them exclusively since March of 2018. I highly recommend this product!

Cynthia C. Verified Reviewer

Skeptic won over

Always used Tide in the past. This product cleans as well with MUCH less waste.

Sheila J. Verified Reviewer

Does a good job.

I cannot see a difference in cleaning between my old products and these natural, safe products.

Laura B. Verified Reviewer

No smell, worked well for my kids' dirty clothes

My daughter is pretty rough on her clothes, so I need a detergent that is going to clean well. I do not like strong scents and don't use fabric softeners, either. I am very happy with these pods. I tried them on my daughter's clothes and they came out pretty darn clean

Charlotte D. Verified Reviewer


These are so easy to just plop into my washer and they have defeated a number of stains provided by my 4- and 1- year old kiddos. I thought I’d miss the “detergent smell” but I don’t notice. Clothes look, smell, and feel just plain clean!

Kat A. Verified Reviewer

Fantastic Product!

Great great product! I purchased for washing baby clothes and it works quite nice. Great deal as well! Also in love with the packaging.

Melyndia A. Verified Reviewer

I used this yesterday for 2 loads of my laundry

I used this yesterday for 2 loads of my laundry. My clothes feel clean and smell clean, not perfumey!

Rebecca A. Verified Reviewer

So far, I love being Cult-ivated!

All of the products smell great and I especially appreciate the laundry detergent. It doesn't create so many suds and rinses clean. I haven't had to tackle any really tough stains but I'm willing to stick with it. I particularly appreciate that they don't contain any chemicals or fake perfumes. The hand soap is particularly wonderful smelling. Thanks!

P.T C. Verified Reviewer

Pure and simple cleaning power

I really like using detergent packs to do our laundry because I tend to use more detergent than necessary when I have to measure it out, whether it's liquid or dry. These are nice, premeasured packs and each will do a good sized normal load of wash in our front loading LG machine. I like that this is dye and ...

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