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Laundry Tablets Refill Reviews

April S. Verified Reviewer


5 stars

Jonathan N. Verified Reviewer

these work well

Heavy loads are clean by one tablet, even with a water heater set at it's low temperature.

Nancy W. Verified Reviewer

My Plants Love It Too!

I have a grey water system hooked up to my laundry system. Ya know, drought and stuff. No soap can go in to the wash cycle that would then poison my plants! I did a test with a few loads, put the hose right on the primroses... very fussy plant... no effect! WooHoo! So now the hose nozzle from the ...

Nancy H. Verified Reviewer

Hassle Free

The laundry soap does a good job and is so simple to use.

Cynthia C. Verified Reviewer

Skeptic won over

Used to use Tide.

Teresa J. Verified Reviewer

Good so far!

I haven't had any really dirty laundry yet, but it is fine for every day laundry! I hope I can do another review at a later date.

Susan A. Verified Reviewer

Laundry Detergent

I love this and will never use anything else. It gets the clothes clean and sweet smelling. And no more lugging jugs of detergent.

Katheryn C. Verified Reviewer

No soapy residue

Wearing many dark colors has some down sides and the laundry is one. This product worked workout the residue. My clothes are clean, soft and comfortable

Malgorzata W. Verified Reviewer


The laundry is clean - no smell or residue, just like I like it.

fanny s. Verified Reviewer


so far the clothing looks and smell good. I still have to tested on whites!

Trinda C. Verified Reviewer

Just throw it in the drum!

Clothes are clean and odorless! what else can you ask for?

Natalie V. Verified Reviewer

Sending with kids off to college

Perfect to send with the going away college student.

Lorri A. Verified Reviewer


Laundry smells fresh and clean!

Deborra S. Verified Reviewer

Clean laundry

Love the simple plastic-free packaging.

Kriss F. Verified Reviewer

Laundry detergent tablets

They do the job, only complain is that you must use hot water for the tablets to dissolve completely but at least they clean the clothes :)

Glory J. Verified Reviewer

What I have been waiting for!

Excellent results with this product. Easy to use and I like the packaging, as with all of your products, saving the environment , one wash load at a time!

Gillian B. Verified Reviewer

Great laundry tabs

These are really efficient and wash even big loads effortlessly. A huge plus for me is that, like the dishwasher tabs, there is no residual fragrance, just clean clothes. Some big-brand detergents leave clothes with overpowering perfume-like fragrances, but not these. Again, love the fact that they are packaged in paper not plastic.

Alicia M. Verified Reviewer

So far so good

I like the tablets. The wrapper has dissolved well in every load so far and the tablets leave my clothes nice and clean with no soapy smell.

Katie G. Verified Reviewer

Amazing Laundry Detergent

I had been getting hives from numerous detergents and this one saved my skin! It is a great detergent (cleans effectively) and doesn’t cause irritation to my skin!

Patricia U. Verified Reviewer


I love the laundry detergent .. they really clean my clothes and I don't get any allergic reaction to them. I have very sensitive skin.

Karissa R. Verified Reviewer


Love it! Tables are so easy to use! I have very sensitive skin and haven’t experienced any issues with the chemical solution.

Arlene A. Verified Reviewer

Clothes smell good

The clothes come out of the washer smelling clean. So far the clothes have also been perfectly clean. Only once did the soap not dissolve. I have a front loader and put the tablet in with the load. I make sure to put the tablet at the bottom at the front of the drum.

Carol T. Verified Reviewer

Laundry detergent tablets

These are super easy to store and use. My laundry gets clean and smells fresh.

Andy G. Verified Reviewer

So far, so good.

The laundry looks fine. Thanks.

Lora D. Verified Reviewer

Works great!

One tablet and everything gets clean.

Jen P. Verified Reviewer

Gets out tough dirt

I have two active kids and one tablet works well on a load of crazy dirty clothes!

Kristina K. Verified Reviewer

great laundry soap

So easy to use; all-natural and non-toxic. Love it.

Maria I. Verified Reviewer

Easy to use, good result

I’ve only done 2 loads with the detergent. Gets the job done. Haven’t had any problems.

Linda G. Verified Reviewer

Love these

Laundry is clean and smells fresh.

Jeanette P. Verified Reviewer

Cleans well

I was pleasantly surprised how well this cleaner works considering the fact that we have well water, and our water is hard. I Love the way it comes without the giant plastic container! We are trying to stop using plastic in our house, theses products are helping us achieve that goal. Thank you!

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