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Get Plastic Free Refills.

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Recycle And Repeat.

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We make green cleaning products that actually clean, without the heavy plastics that clutter your home and our world. Just clean you can count on, delivered first in a personalized cleaning plan starter kit. And then refill by refill as life goes on.

Honest ingredients. Cleaner clean. Landfill-free packaging.

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Even when life is busy, clean is crucial. That’s why we’ve created a customizable cleaning plan that delivers better clean to your doorstep, one 100% recyclable refill at a time. Always just what you need and nothing more.

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Supercharged with coconut and care

Some green cleaners don’t clean, but ours definitely do. Our team of scientists in Puerto Rico have dug deep to find natural ingredients that are tough on grit and grime, but easy on the environment. It all starts with saponified coconut.

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Customers love cleancult

Karen R. Verified Reviewer

Very pleased...

I am very pleased with the wool dryer balls. I leave them in the dryer and find this works best. I scent them with different essential oils and this works to naturally scent the laundry. Would purchase again.

Coral T. Verified Reviewer

Oh so good!

I am impressed with this detergent. Very impressed! It leaves my dishes looking oh so clean. I usually use Kirkland dishwasher detergent (to save money), but to be honest I was a little disappointed with the results. Water stains, cloudy glassware, gunk left behind, etc. I decided to spend a little more on a good detergent and there are no ...

Maggie m. Verified Reviewer

No strong soap smell after washing my clothes

Clothes aren’t as stiff, I can feel the lack of soap residue left in clothes. It gets very sweaty workout clothes very clean and smelling fresh too

Frank S. Verified Reviewer

I'm impressed

I got myself one of each of everything, and I've used most of it now. All the products are first rate. I was most concerned about the dishwashing tablets, but even spoons with caked on cheese (from making mac & cheese) came out clean as a whistle. Nice!

Rebecca A. Verified Reviewer

So far, I love being Cult-ivated!

All of the products smell great and I especially appreciate the laundry detergent. It doesn't create so many suds and rinses clean. I haven't had to tackle any really tough stains but I'm willing to stick with it. I particularly appreciate that they don't contain any chemicals or fake perfumes. The hand soap is particularly wonderful smelling. Thanks!

Angela F. Verified Reviewer

Feeling Clean!

Love it! Recently switched to it as our family detergent. Cool brand and packaging with easy-to-follow directions, with the pods making it super easy to do laundry in my high efficiency washing machine.

Eliz S. Verified Reviewer

What's not to love?

Gentle fragrance and fast grease cutting. What's not to love? Plus, it's good for the environment.

David L. Verified Reviewer

Great product!

All the softness and benefits of fabric softeners without any of the chemicals. What's not to love? They have shortened drying times, they soften clothes, and there is less static than with the dryer sheets I was using. Five stars all the way.

Anna S. Verified Reviewer

Phenomenal Lemongrass Dish Soap - My Fave!

Cleancult's dish soap not only needs very little to make soapy suds but the smell is great! Works like a charm. It's definitely become my favorite dish soap and I'll be restocking soon!

Joe A. Verified Reviewer

Works well

Cleans well.

Mary H. Verified Reviewer

delightfully deceiving

I've only had a chance to use the dish soap and was concerned that the soap was more water than soap BUT this is so different from anything I've used. It doesn't suds like most and I only have to use a little but the results have been remarkable! Like we used to say, squeaky clean!

Alyssa D. Verified Reviewer

Wonderful Cleaners Sustainably Made

I love these cleaners. I had been looking for ways to cut down on my plastic consumption and I was looking for refills that came in biodegradable or recyclable packaging. I was thrilled to find them and even more pleased with how well they work! They smell lovely and don't have any harsh scents that trigger my asthma.

Juliet B. Verified Reviewer

Smells so good!

Excellent works great and smells so good!

Rachel K. Verified Reviewer

Great idea and easy way to help the Earth!

I'm really pleased with the quality of Cleancult products and happy that they offset their carbon production when shipping. Great way to help the environment with good quality cleaning products!

Chris T. Verified Reviewer

Going green! No regrets!

My girlfriend recommended that we change all our kitchen stuff to green products. Since we didn’t have much luck with other green cleaners, I didn’t think these would work. Boy was I wrong! We mainly use glasses, and after washing them with these tablets, all cloudiness and stains are gone! They look like new. (They smell great, too)

Charlotte D. Verified Reviewer


These are so easy to just plop into my washer and they have defeated a number of stains provided by my 4- and 1- year old kiddos. I thought I’d miss the “detergent smell” but I don’t notice. Clothes look, smell, and feel just plain clean!

Beth E. Verified Reviewer

BIG dryer balls that work and look great!

I almost never leave reviews on products, but I just had to for these. We have used wool dryer balls for years now and know how they work, all the tips to help them work better, etc. We decided to buy these just to try a new product. Pros: they are BIG, but silent at the same time; they are ...

Michelle G. Verified Reviewer


Works and smells great!

Vinny Verified Reviewer

Great product!

Yep, these actually work. I use them almost exclusively for my towels and they work just as good as dryer sheets.

Peter A. Verified Reviewer

Looks great, works great!

Works and smell great! Very happy with my buy. Very nice packaging, too.

Maggie S. Verified Reviewer

Smells like nothing, gets out small stains

I have sensitive skin and been using this for awhile now. These nontoxic pods work perfectly. One pod in a relatively large load always does me. Smells like nothing, gets out small stains, pretty powerful stuff. Lasts way longer than my old liquid stuff, in my opinion. I don't know if it helps but I always throw the pod in ...

Carlos F. Verified Reviewer

Great product, as always!

After reading about chemicals in different detergents, I tried making my own dishwasher detergent with essential oils and baking soda, but honestly it was too much work haha. l didn't feel my dishes were getting really clean, either. I had to soak them before and sometimes after washing them in the dishwasher. I found these Cleancult tablets on Amazon and ...

Elizabeth H. Verified Reviewer


Squeaky clean is great!

Susan G. Verified Reviewer

The right soap definitely makes a difference!

I have really bad allergies and have to be very careful both with of soaps and perfumes. Most fragrances really irritate my allergies, so I've been avoiding them for some time. I saw that these had natural ingredients so I ordered a bar. It definitely was the right idea! It smells great and does not affect my allergies! It's a ...

Heidi K. Verified Reviewer

Better than most!

These clean dishes better than the previous detergent I used. I decided to go green a few years back, but was not yet pleased with the dishwasher detergent I used to buy. These are great! I like that the smell is pleasant but you can’t taste it on the dishes.

Karen M. Verified Reviewer

Thanks, cleancult!!

I don't usually write reviews, but had to do it for these guys. To the Cleancult folk: thanks for this product! Finally found a dish soap that doesn't hurt or dry my hands. I recommend it for everyone that struggles with sensitive skin.

Francine N. Verified Reviewer

Very impressed with these tablets.

Great product!! I mainly use my dishwasher for stainless steel or glass items. I am impressed with the product! I didn’t think about it before, but am now super relieved of not washing my utensils with harmful chemicals. Definitely recommended.

Ben F. Verified Reviewer

Awesome detergent pods!!!

Love, love, love these pods. I've tried many non toxic laundry detergent and this is by far the most effective I've used. I'm placing another order now and don't plan to go back to any of the others I've tried. Very happy it's good for sensitive skin and better for the environment than big box brands - and it works ...

Frank S. Verified Reviewer

Clothes are clean

Another win with these. Easy to use, environment friendly, and they do their job, which is all I ask of them.

Jose M. Verified Reviewer


Soap smells great and doesn't leave behind any weird greasy film. Love it.

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"cleancult donated 100,000 loads of laundry to the Light and Hope for Puerto Rico campaign"

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