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  1. First, make sure you have created an account. Go to our accounts page. If you haven't created an account, click on "register a new account" and use the same email you originally used for your first purchase.

    a. If you've created an account (welcome back fellow cleancult teammate), use your login information.

  2. Login, then simply click on “Manage Plan" in the top left corner. There, you will be able to change your delivery date, skip a month, or cancel your subscription.

  3. We do everything we can to make it as easy as possible (if this isn’t the case, email us immediately at hello@cleancult.com… we’re here for you). 😊

Not yet. Even though our pacs are vegan & gluten-free, you can't eat them. That said, our R&D engine in our Batcave is working tirelessly to make cleaning your clothes come with a refreshing meal.

Here are 2 quick tips to troubleshoot.

  1. To ensure the pod won't get stuck within the clothing and dissolve properly, place pod in the drum first.

  2. Use the correct amount. Make sure not to overload your machine with too much laundry - one pod per load is enough.





Absolutely. Our 3-in-1 Laundry Detergent Pacs dissolve in cold water, hot water, hard water, and soft water.

Our laundry pacs are formulated for both high-efficiency washing machines and standard washing machines.

Biodegradable isn’t the best word to describe our pacs. Here at cleancult, our laundry detergent formula is made of plant and mineral based ingredients (a.k.a. only good stuff). That said, technically speaking - minerals do not biodegrade, rather they enter and leave the earth in the same form; therefore, our laundry detergent pacs are not biodegradable from a purely chemical and scientific standpoint. With all of that in mind, this doesn’t mean they harm the world in any way.

These clumps are from your laundry machine that is breaking. Nah...just kidding. If you are finding white clumps on your clothing, that most likely means that your laundry pacs are not dissolving in your washing machine. Make sure that you place the pod into the washer drum before you put your clothes in. Don't throw the pod directly into the wash mixed with the whole load. The pod might get stuck in your clothing and not dissolve properly.

Yes, our pacs are entirely septic tank safe. Finally, a good laundry soluton for septic tanks!

Check out our ingredient list here. + a whole lotta love from our team.

Technically, yes. Organic means made of living matter. Our product is organic AND organic good lovin’ clean stuff. That said, the process of being certified organic is a costly, extensive bureaucratic one that our current scrappy social enterprise stage just can’t afford to merely get a badge of organic honor for a product we know is good through and through. Yes, we’re organic. No, we have not gotten the government issued badge sealing the deal. That’s coming soon. 😊


Door to door means no more going to the store to get detergent, no more lugging around an ugly orange jug, and less middlemen so we can deliver a better clean!

It’s a better alternative for many reasons. One is that it's made here in the US. That gives us more ingredient oversight and quality assurance. Two, we deliver direct to consumer which helps us keep costs down and deliver more quality. So, try it and see what you think. 😊

They love it! Check out our reviews page here and see how good our green detergent actually works!

We deliver within the continental US and Puerto Rico.

Yes, actually. And he’s oh so clean. 😉

We can! Find us at hello@cleancult.com. We’re here for you 24/7.


Email us at hello@cleancult.com

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