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All Purpose Cleaner

  • • Our tough cleaning formula is ideal for any surface and stain in your house.
  • • The natural lemongrass scent will leave every corner feeling clean and smelling fresh.
  • • Natural ingredients: Eco-friendly, organic, and family safe.

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Safe cleaning

The use of a non-toxic formula guarantees that no harsh chemical residue will remain on surfaces after effectively cleaning and removing stains. Be clean without hassle or concerns.

Tough, yet Gentle.

Manufactured with only natural ingredients means that our All-Purpose Cleaner is eco-friendly, organic, and family safe. We're tough on dirt, but gentle on everything else.

A Non-toxic cleaner for any surface.

Our all-purpose cleaner is ideal for almost any surface! Easily clean all kitchen and bathroom surfaces, glass, electronics, finished floors, woods, furniture, metal, and a handful of others. Reduce harmful waste and improve your cleaning.


  • • 1 Cleancult All Purpose Cleaner Bottle, Lemongrass Scent.
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  • 16 oz bottle of All-Purpose cleaner. Ideal for glass, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, electronics, finished floors, woods, furniture, metal, and other surfaces.


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