All Purpose Cleaner

Harness the power of nature in a bottle.

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  • • The natural orange zest scent will leave every corner feeling clean and smelling fresh.
  • • Recyclable Packaging. Less Waste.



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Simple, Sustainable Ingredients

Saponified Coconut Oil
  • • This cleaning power of our soap!
  • • Saponified Coconut Oil is coconut oil that has been treated with natural minerals to maximize its stain and grease-removing properties, turning it into a soap!
  • • Coconut oil's high shelf stability and effectiveness at breaking up oils and grease make it the ideal main ingredient.
Olive and Jojoba Oils
  • • 100% safe and natural oils that help with breaking up stains and grease on surfaces for easy removal.
  • • Jojoba Oil comes from the jojoba plant, a shrub which is native to Arizona and California.
  • • Olive oil is a liquid fat derived from, yes, olives.
Natural Essential Oil Blend
  • • Where our fragrance comes from!
  • • Completely natural essential oils that give out a gentle but pleasing aroma.
Organic Rosemary Extract
  • • Oil extracted from the leaf of rosemary.
  • • Even though it's useful as a medicinal remedy, we use it to add to the wonderful fragrance and stain-removing properties of our soaps.
  • • Rosemary extract also acts as a natural preservative, which helps extend the shelf life of our cleaners.
Aloe Vera
  • • Aloe vera is a green, succulent plant that grows in tropical climates.
  • • There are a ton of medical uses and benefits associated with it.
  • • The gel obtained from the plant has powerful grease removing properties but is very gentle on the human skin.

Safe cleaning

The use of a non-toxic formula guarantees that no harsh chemical residue will remain on surfaces after effectively cleaning and removing stains. Be clean without hassle or concerns.

Tough, yet Gentle.

Manufactured with only natural ingredients means that our All-Purpose Cleaner is eco-friendly, organic, and family safe. We're tough on dirt, but gentle on everything else.

A Non-toxic cleaner for any surface.

Our all-purpose cleaner is ideal for almost any surface! Easily clean all kitchen and bathroom surfaces, glass, electronics, finished floors, woods, furniture, metal, and a handful of others. Reduce harmful waste and improve your cleaning.

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