Dryer Sheets

One small leap for laundry, one giant leap away from static.

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Simple, Sustainable Ingredients

High-quality materials. Eco-friendly formula.

Crafted with only the best-quality materials, our dryer sheets are tough on static and wrinkles and gentle on your skin. Boosted with the power of nature, your clothes will come out of the dryer softer than ever.

Ideal for the entire family

A gentle, unscented formula means that even the most sensitive of skins can enjoy the softness and freshness packed into our sheets, from the newborn baby to grandma and grandpa.

Free from static. Free from harmful chemicals.

A unique, natural dryer sheet means no leftover harmful chemicals on your clothes or skin. No dangerous chemicals released to the environment.


  • • 1 cleancult Dryer Sheets Box


  • 80 number of sheets unscented. Ideal for every type of dryer and any temperature setting.


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